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Persian Cat – Chocolate and Lilac Color

Persian Cat – Chocolate and Lilac Color.  Persian cat is found in chocolate and lilac color. These colors are standard but are not found common in stores and shelters. Many people look for Persian cats carrying the gene of chocolate or lilac color. Lilac colored cats are very appealing as they are very rate and […]

Purchase Persian Kittens Where

Purchase Persian Kittens where?  When it comes to buying Persian cats and kittens, many do’s and don’ts are coming across to consider. A wrong choice can cost you pain and grief. It is a surprising affair that how many people involved in buying Persian cats or kittens in all the wrong ways and for the […]

Persian Kitten or Cat?

Persian Kitten or Cat?  Kittens are cute, easygoing, entertaining and usually delightful. It is really nice to own a kitten once in your life. Most people choose older cats as they are in more need for a home than kittens. It is hard work to keep older cats on your toes like a baby. Many […]

Persian Cat Rare Colors

Persian Cat Rare Colors. Now all those pet lovers there, and the not so much pet lover but with a fetish for cats and kittens would know why Persian cats are the most popular breed of cats out there. You don’t? Grab a look at their sweet faces, innocent eyes and the long thick coat […]

Survive The Shedding Season

Survive The Shedding Season. So spring time is making its way and all those cat owners have something to worry about. Oh yes, your cat is sure to be shedding this season! The Persians, Himalayan and Exotic breeds will not keep their thick winter coats for those will almost kill them in the scorching heat. […]

White Persians – Solid Breed

White Persians-Solid Breed.  In Origin of Species (1859), Charles Darwin wrote, “…cats from their nocturnal habits, cannot be so easily matched (bred) and although so much valued by women and children, we rarely see a distinct breed long kept up.” These few words aptly sum up the condition of a breed that is fast disappearing– […]

Care of Persian Tips

Care of Persian Tips.  Persian cats have long been known for its long hairs and one of the most popular pets in the world. These longhaired cats are famous to be prized as entry to animal shows. However, proper care and grooming is needed when one considers to own these felines. A love and commitment […]

Owning A Persian Cat:

Owning a Persian cat, and what to expect from them.  Many questions are asked as what to expect from owning a new Persian cat, but the most famous answer is that they are sweet in nature, laid back and picture perfect cuddly face. These world famous felines are one of the oldest breeds and is […]

Persian Kitten Photo Club

Everybody likes to look at pictures! Even if you don’t own any Golden Persian kittens, Silver Chinchilla kittens, or Shaded Persian kittens, it’s hard to resist taking the time to browse through pictures of these adorable babies. We love our Persians and enjoy taking photos of them so much that we would like to share them with you for free! Simply join our Kitten Photo Club, and you will begin to receive a free original photo in your inbox every week. It is absolutely free, there’s no obligation, and we’re not trying to make a Persian kitten sale! It is simply our way of thanking you for visiting our site and we hope these photos brighten your day!

Persian Kitten Nursery

Welcome to our kitten nursery. This is an inside look on how our kittens are raised in our home. The babies start out in little wicker houses with their mommies. This provides a safe and warm environment and gives the mommies a sense of privacy and security. This is important for them to feel secure and comfortable with their kittens.