Watch-Persian kitten Grow

A Golden Persian Kittens Story

Watch -Persian kitten Grow Before Your Eyes. From birth to eight weeks of age. This tiny treasure will bring you joy! This amazing slide show captures a delightful little Shaded Silver Teacup Persian kitten as she grows from birth to 8 weeks of age.  This doll faced beauty is a Silver Shaded – born darker, with a coat that lightens as she grows.  Its truly a amazing experience to watch-Persian kitten grow.  These kittens are born with bright blue eyes which slowly change to a brilliant emerald green or blue-green as the kitten ages.  Their coats change so much in a week and will continue to do so with each season. Lighter in the summertime darker in the winter time. But this is not a steadfast rule, each and every silver Persian kitten is different. No two are ever exactly the same. Although the black eye liner and the black mascara is always present on the golden as well as the silver.

Watch -Persian kitten Grow

This video captures a tiny little Golden Teacup Persian kitten, as he grows from birth to 8 weeks of age.  This slideshow was made here at CatsCreation, a quality Doll Face Teacup Persian kitten breeder.  Its so much fun to see the change in a kitten as it matures. Just like its counter part the Silver they are born dark sometimes almost black and lighten as they grow. Also they have the black eye liner and the black mascara just like the silvers. Did you know the golden is a recessive  gene carries by some silvers. It takes two genes to make a golden a true treasure. We wanted to share this experience with others so we did these slide shows. Please take a moment sit back and enjoy the show. Our hope is smiles and laughter.