Survive The Shedding Season. So spring time is making its way and all those cat owners have something to worry about. Oh yes, your cat is sure to be shedding this season! The Persians, Himalayan and Exotic breeds will not keep their thick winter coats for those will almost kill them in the scorching heat. Imagine doing that to yourself- wear a furry coat through summers in Sahara Desert.

Oh yes, you won’t really come to know of it when the cat starts shedding, or you might just if you notice the spot your cat sleeps at in the morning. It will most definitely leave a thin layer of hair out on its napping spot. Oh that! Yes that is called shedding.

What you need to do to survive your cat’s shedding this season is to be proactive.

-You must, and I mean must comb your cat regularly. Like Daily!

Try keeping the period to 5-10 minutes daily to make sure that your cat remains knot free. Those knots are real frustrating.

Keep the session fuss free by tackling one section at a time. Back, sides then head and ruff and then underside, britches and tail.

– If your cat’s shedding, keep it clean. Oh yes you’ll have to bathe them weekly, bi weekly or at least once a month depending on the shedding.

Use a diluted dish soap or a baby shampoo and massage your cat’s skin through it while shampooing.

Rinse as well as shampoo again, and maybe a third time too.

Survive The Shedding Season . DO NOT, and I mean absolutely not leave any shampoo residue. It furthers the shedding and causes great frustration to your cat so make sure you rinse that fur very well.

Another option people resort to is shaving their Persians. The lion cut is popular but the idea often is not really appealing to most cat lovers. You might still want to shave the underside, britches and the front armpits, they require comfort too, they too are living beings, if you realize!

An exotics thick coat can often be a frustrating affair for the cat as well as the owner. it forms small knots all over the body during shedding and that to them is uncomfortable. But what doesn’t knot is what you’ll have to look through the house for, it will be all over.

If your cat has real long hair and all tangles are formed, DO NOT use a scissors all by yourself. It can get really risky to cut the knots on your own. Get a Veterinarian or a groomer or a breeder to carry the task for you.

The hair tug at the skin when tied in knots and as loose at cat’s skin is, you might by your own cut not just the hair but injure the skin too, and that is most definitely not something you want to do.

Shaving cats or cutting knots is best done by cat groomers or breeders. You might choose to invest in a clipper to shave your cat but taking it to a groomer is a better option since positioning the clipper is a trick too. Or you might just get puzzled when is it a clean cut and when there are razor burns and nicks.

All of Persians , Himalayan and Exotics need their fair share of care without which there is no keeping them happy. But with such sweet and loving companions, there’s no minding the grooming and the care, after all its them as a package that took your heart, including how they look. You get what I mean? So let the shedding season pass in a breeze by just being sure that your cat doesn’t deal with it all on its own.

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