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chinchilla silver and blue eyed white kitty's playing

     Available Teacup Persian Kittens

Expecting White , Himalayan, Siamese, Bi-Color, Silver and Golden fall and winter 2023.

 Available Teacup Persian Kittens Nursery

We are so excited to welcome our new babies in the CatsCreations nursery!  It is such a joy and blessing to watch the love mamma gives her babies. All our babies are hand raised in a loving home.  We never cage a mom or the kitty’s, at any time!  We are all  hands on with all of them, making sure they have human touch from birth, and every day after.  This is essential for their ability to learn and trust in early development.  They are free to explore their environment, with lots of toys, when they are ready.  CatsCreation Teacup Persian kittens come to you with a sweet personality, well socialized  and ready to give you all kinds of love!