Florida Persian Kitten Photos

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Florida Persian Kitten Photos

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Florida Persian Kitten photos candid moments. If your like me, you never get tired of kitty pictures.  I cant even count how many pictures I take per day.  With the invention of the cell phone you can just snap away.  Not like when I began 40 plus years ago having to run to the store to have them developed.  Times have changed, and yes for the better.  But our program remains just the same.  Home raised Florida Persian Kitten photos. We so believe in a no caged cattery’s. Every mommy and every daddy as well as each kitten is a precious gift.

Watching them grow is a real treat, a gift of love and wonder. We find well socialized kittens make for a happy kitty and new owner. From the moment they are born here, to the moment they leave they are well loved and adored. Our program is a careful protocol  which hasn’t changed in over the last 40 years.  Mommy and her new litter are given a room of their own, away from any and all distractions. This way they can devote themselves and the babies there undivided attention. Gives the mommy and babies the special time to enjoy and bond with each other.

Lets get back to the subject of  Florida Persian kitten pictures. I’m often ask which color is your favorite?  Its like saying which of your children or grandchildren is your favorite. No way that you could pick one!

Our careful breeding program has blessed us with the most beautiful Florida Persian Kittens faces. Not the traditional, not the extreme, but a beautiful doll face right in the middle. This affords the kitty the best health and beauty.