Care of Persian Tips.  Persian cats have long been known for its long hairs and one of the most popular pets in the world. These longhaired cats are famous to be prized as entry to animal shows. However, proper care and grooming is needed when one considers to own these felines. A love and commitment for owning a persian cat is a priority.

Further, having a healthy, well groomed and happy Persian cat is very rewarding because they possess a number of genetic assets with unique physiques. Below are tips on how to take care of your Persian cats:

Proper Grooming

Known for its amazing and one of a kind breed, Persian cats have longer hairs compared to other breeds. Thus, grooming can be a hectic task. Since they have a very thick coat, regular brushing of the hair should be done to prevent fur matting and knot forming.

Care of Persian Tips.  In addition, to properly take care of your Persian cat, daily brushing will also control the volume of shedding using a fine wire brush. If the coat becomes too dirty and tangled, baths are necessary. However, limit the frequency and time of bathing of Persian cats since most cats do not like baths.

Dental Care

One important thing to keep in mind is for your Persian cat to have regular dental care. Most cat problems starts with Periodontal disease, which causes various organ problems that result to death when untreated.

To avoid this, frequent brushing is needed to remove plaque and tartar from the Persian teeth. Other treatment to avoid teeth problems include tartar control treats, chewy devices that helps in loosening plaque.

Formation of hairballs

Hairballs to most animals, such as Persian cats is inevitable. Regular brushing of hair will greatly aid in the occurrence of such hairs. In some cases, a hairball formula dry treats to prevent the formation of hairballs.

Caring of Claws

The claws of Persian cats also need frequent attention by clipping or trimming them on a regular basis. Persians are very playful, they can scratch anything unintentionally during playtime.

Food & Water

Make sure that constant supply of clean and potable water as well as fresh food is available daily. Additionally, try different food combinations for your Persian until they like to eat on a daily basis. In order to keep them always on the go, try to offer some dry treats.


The best type of litter to use is the non-clumping clay litter, which is cheap and safe. It should be large in size that should be put in a corner and secluded place. In addition, it should be cleaned on a daily basis by removing the wastes and wash it with clean water and soap.

Toys and Treats

Most Persian cats are playful to their owners. Give them toys and treats that help boost their stamina and enjoy playing while having some treats.

Regular Veterinary Check-up

Bring your Persian cat at least once or twice a year for regular check-up. Proper rabies and booster shots are essential in every animal to keep them safe always and to eliminate infections from diseases.

Clean the nose and nostrils

Persian cats often suffer from breathing difficulties because of their physical attributes such as flat faces. Owners must keep an eye on them everyday to any nasal obstructions such as food or dirt, in order to prevent breathing difficulty.

If proper caring of Persian cats are regularly followed, then you are lucky to own one that can live up to 15-20 years. Always be diligent in keeping them clean and feeding them on time. Further, showing of love and affection can also add up to their sense of living.

Proper caring and nurturing of Persian cats ensures the future generations of felines to be happy, gratified and loved.

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