Teacup Kittens Sale Florida

Information below about CatsCreation, a Doll Faced Persian Kitten Breeder breeding tiny cats.


Teacup Kittens Sale Florida

Teacup Kittens Sale Florida. Please call 407-709-9541, text or email for all the details. We also have upcoming litters, reserve in advance we have very few litters and they go quickly!

Good things come in small packages. Teacup Kittens Sale Florida-Catscreation, are small in size but big in personality. These Doll Faced Persian kitten are already sold, we have them shown here  for an example of our tiny cats.  We expect them to be around 5 to 7 pounds fully grown for females, the males about 6 to 8 pounds. They are considered teacups.

The Teacup Kittens for sale

The Chinchilla Silver doll face Persian, Golden and White are the smallest of the Persian breed. Not a runt or the smallest in the litter, just naturally this size. They are adorned with beautiful white fur with silver tips and big round eyes. The chinchilla color is basically white with few silver tips. The shaded silver is a lovely shimmering silver with white roots. The eyes are outlined with black eyeliner and the eyelashes have black mascara, this is also true of our Golden kittens. Our Pure White kittens come in several eye colors including blue, green and odd yes. Sweet and friendly they are recommended as a good family pet, a perfect fit. This kitten is shown only for example as she is already sold. If you have an interest please call or e-mail for complete details.

A Doll Faced Persian Kitten Breeder specializing in Teacup Kittens for sale, Shaded Silver, White Chinchilla Doll Faced Persian Kittens, Golden and Pure White. Like the ones seen on the fancy feast television commercial. These precious babies come with our exclusive Little Luxuries Accessory Kit including a stylish carrier, toys, blankets, a Photo DVD with Customized Slideshow and much much more.

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At CatsCreation we strive to produce the best Teacup Kittens Sale Florida possible, personality along with health temperament are our goals. This is why we never cage.
We specialize in the chinchilla silver color which is like the kitten used on the fancy feast commercial. Not only are they adorable but they make a great family pet. On occasion we also have white and shaded silver and golden.

You can reserve one of our teacup kittens for sale in advance by calling Linda at 407.709.9541 or by emailing CatsCreation@aol.com and placing a nonrefundable deposit. When you reserve, you will receive weekly photos of your darlings via email from birth to eight weeks. Your deposit / payment is made in good faith and not refundable. If you place a deposit / payment on a kitten that is your commitment to that animal, and your agreement to these terms. *CatsCreation reserves the right to retain any exceptional kittens for our program. View our Kitten Contract here.

Visit our Previously Adopted page to learn about our adoption process and see previously placements.

Email CatsCreation@aol.com or call Linda today at 407.709.9541