Persian Cats – Everything You Need to Know

Persian Cats – Everything You Need to Know

Persian Cats – Everything You Need to Know. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to our Teacup Persian kittens. Because of their striking beauty and regal appearance, they’re a Hollywood favorite. You’ve seen them on screen in Fancy Feast commercials and in movies such as Stuart Little and Austin Powers. In fact, the Persian is the most popular breed registered with the prestigious Cat Fanciers’ Association.

Persian Cats – Everything You Need to Know

A bit of history

Persian cats are believed to have originated somewhere in Asia Minor. They were introduced to Europe somewhere in the 1700s, where they became known as “French Cats”. Short, stocky and long haired cats from Persia (present-day Iran) were then mixed into the gene pool, forming the breed we know and love today. The cat became extremely popular in Britain, where blue Persians were kept by Queen Victoria and other members of the royal family. The cat has been present in cat shows for more than 100 years, shown first in Britain around 1871, where several colors of Persian were shown by Teacup Kitten breeders. The longer bodies, larger ears and small eyes made way for the short-faced and round-eyed felines we know today, as breeders’ preference shifted from the classic Angoras to the more compact Iranian type. Though the cat has changed significantly since that time, it is still the same luxurious pet.

But aren’t they sort of…delicate?

Their heritage may be aristocratic and luxurious, but Teacup Persian kittens are by no means delicate. Each cat has a long plush coat, heavy bones, large wide skull, large black lined eyes, round face, domed forehead, small ears, short nose, and is shorter and stockier than the normal cat. The nose of our Persian is considerably shorter than that of an ordinary cat and has a break between the forehead and nostrils. They’re unlike Flat-Faced Persians, whose noses have a more “smashed in” appearance. Their soft, dense coat is extremely long from head to tail.

The “Doll Faced” Teacup

“Doll Faced” is a term breeders use to describe the short nose on certain kittens. There are three different facial types in the Persian Breed: Peke or Extreme, in which the nose is located right between the eyes, Traditional, which is just like an ordinary house cat, and Our lineage has a short nose that gives the kitten a cute adorable look.

How big do they grow?

Cats Creation Persians are known for their beautiful coats, big round eyes, and short cobby bodies. Their engaging eyes are outlined with black mascara and eyeliner. When young, their eyes are vivid blue but as they mature their eyes will turn either emerald green or teal blue. We expect our females to be around 5 to 6 pounds, and males 6 to 8 pounds when fully grown. These cats are the smallest of the Persian breed. They are not “runts,” but perfectly proportioned and extremely healthy and loving.

Of course, just like humans, weight will be affected by environmental factors such as the type of food and amount of exercise they receive. Although no one can guarantee an exact estimate of the kitten’s eventual size, at CatsCreation we have been breeding Persians since 1996 and you can be confident that your new Persian will be petite, based on previous kittens from our cattery and their prestigious pedigrees.

The colors are gorgeous

The silver color comes in shaded and chinchilla. These cats can appear white or silver. Their undercoat is white with different amounts of silver tipping on the ends of their fur. Shaded silvers have longer color tips, while chinchilla can have little or none.

Our cats are especially striking because of their dynamic eyes. The color is brilliant green or greenish blue, outlined with black eye liner and black mascara, which makes them really stand out in a crowd. These little darlings are often referred to as “toy” or “teacup,” and they are the smallest of the breed. Their outstanding personalities and “lap baby” behavior make them especially lovable.

We know you’ll love adding one of our Teacup Persians to your family. Please call us to reserve yours today!