Persian Kitten Nursery

Persian Kitten Nursery, Welcome to our kitten nursery. This is an inside look on how our kittens are raised in our home. The babies start out in little wicker houses with their mommies. This provides a safe and warm environment and gives the mommies a sense of privacy and security. This is important for them to feel secure and comfortable with their kittens.

When they get old enough, usually around 3 to 4 weeks of age, they are moved to a playpen. The playpen is a child play yard constructed from hard plastic. It is about 3 foot high and has plenty of ventilation for them. Also they can see out at what is going on all around them. This way they feel as they are part of the group. Mommy simply jumps over to go and come at will.

Two to three times each day they are brought to the playground for social interaction with the other kittens and cats. We provide various toys and change them as they grow. The playground is the Oriental rug in the middle of our living room. We have various toys there for them to play with and to explore.

The turbo scratchier is always included in play time. It is a great toy but we are also training them where they should scratch. This is an early tool used to prevent bad behavior such as using furniture ect. for sharpening claws. Also works great for a cuddly nap with others!

We also introduce them to cat trees. We start out with little ones as kittens tend to go all the way up with no thought of getting down. There are lots of styles and colors to choose from. They come with condos, sisal rope for scratching, and so on.

Battery toys can provide tons of fun. I suggest they are used with supervision as they usually have string involved which can become tangled on them. There are several varieties to choose from. I have had the same ones for many years and they do stand the test of time. Cats and kittens alike never seem to tire of them. I always have a crowd when I get them out. I really think it is more fun watching them then the TV!

After playground time, they are then placed back in playpen for a nap, a little nursing, and a grooming by mommy. Kittens require a lot of sleep and should never be awakened suddenly. This can be bad for their development.

Persian Kitten Nursery. As they get a little older they get braver and start exploring the whole house. This usually occurs when they are around seven weeks of age. I can tell when they are getting developmentally ready for there new homes when they are found napping alone. This is a sign of there independence and they are getting ready to be the king or queen of there own domain.

We do not cage at any time, our mommies are free to go in and out of the Wicker house and playpen at will. They keep a close eye on their babies, but are happy for little walk about and social interaction with the other cats. We believe social interaction and freedom to explore gives them a sense of security and happiness. They are confident, healthy, and ready to make someone very happy!

I hope you have enjoyed this little peek at our nursery and our way of doing things.

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