Persian Cat – Chocolate and Lilac Color.  Persian cat is found in chocolate and lilac color. These colors are standard but are not found common in stores and shelters. Many people look for Persian cats carrying the gene of chocolate or lilac color. Lilac colored cats are very appealing as they are very rate and the color is precious. Experts say that these colors have not long been recognized by owners and considered a defect and those with chocolate or lilac colors were regarded as outcasts and found isolated. Over time, nurseries were worked ultimately and persistently to win the battle.

Origin of chocolate and lilac colors

Ancestry list of chocolates and lilacs have marks and those with wholly colored is rarely found. Himalayans were regarded as the self-dependent breed during 1957 by CFA. The list later included cats with solid colors, such as chocolate and lilac. Himalayans were stripped from their status of a breed in 1984 and entered to the list of Persian breed as sub-breed and solid colors, such as chocolate and lilac joined the important Persian breed.

Persian Cat – Chocolate and Lilac Color. Chocolate and lilac colored, long hair Persian cats come from the efforts of three holders in England. After that, these holders worked together and coupled their animals. They then imported a mixed line and from these animals USA nurseries continued breeding. Chocolate gene brown is recessive and is shows this when double-dosed. When recessive character of rare color genes are considered, one can find out that Himalayan cats have a lot of recessive genes.

If only one of parents possess the combination of this color gene, then it is impossible to make a chocolate or lilac phenotype. It is compulsory that the gene of color should be present in both parents for a chocolate or lilac colored body. Well, breeders of chocolate or lilac color Persian cats should have a good level of professionalism to make breeding of these rare colorings. The exact colors are show only in mature cats and this applies to rare colors such as chocolate and lilac.

These colors are developed by 13-15 months. Nurseries will cat shows as they want to allow a cat to enhance its type and colors. During this time or earlier, a cat needs mating. If the importance of a strict culling is considered while mating, you will recognize why cats of rare colors take a lot of time for breeding. Many renowned nurseries can’t withstand such difficulties, so they step aside.

People who breed cats have the knowledge that good cats don’t come along at one’s desire. The way to grow animals of rare colors, such as chocolate and lilac includes years of hard work, losses and disappointments. There are many nurseries in the market selling rare colored Persian cats, such as chocolate and lilac at affordable price rates. You have to find out the most reliable and renowned nursery in your area and consider the price range for rare colored Persian cats before you narrow down your selection.

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