Owning a Persian cat, and what to expect from them.  Many questions are asked as what to expect from owning a new Persian cat, but the most famous answer is that they are sweet in nature, laid back and picture perfect cuddly face. These world famous felines are one of the oldest breeds and is lucky to have endearing qualities that one owner will surely love.

Known for its popular breed, Persian cats attract many potential owners. But, they need proper care, maintenance and affection. Many abrupt adopters and owners do not have enough knowledge about the safety and proper nurturing of Persians.

Before buying and bringing home a Persian cat, listed below are a few guide on what to expect from them before determining whether or not they are the right breed for you.

Personality and Temperament

A well affected and socialized Persian cat is generally gentle, sweet and not demanding in many ways. They are a perfect fit for any household that love animals. They are also sturdy, solid felines that is playful even if they are not among those who are active in nature.

In addition, these not so aggressive Persian cats have long and fluffy coats making them more comfortable to live indoors rather than outdoors.

Grooming and Other Treatments

Owning A Persian Cat:  The long and flowing hair coat of Persian cats is one of the reason why many are easily in love with them. Their appealing physical feature makes them the most adopted cats in the world.

However, along with their appealing physique comes greater responsibility. They require daily brushing of the coat to prevent tangles and hairballs. Regular bathing using shampoos formulated to cats, is also important to avoid matting and shedding. Trimming the fur near the Persian cat’s anus is needed to prevent wastes from sticking.

Physically, Persians are flat faced and eyes tend to water. Because of this, daily washing of the face is necessary to avoid infections.

If a waxy buildup develops inside the ears, then ear cleaning is required. Consult a veterinarian when doing this to secure the safety of the cat.

Regular brushing of teeth is recommended for Persian cats to avoid tooth decay and tartar buildup, thus preventing common diseases and other health problems that will result to early death. Tooth treats are also quite important if regular brushing can not be done.

These grooming routines should be properly followed and established at an early stage in order to make them comfortable and relaxed during handling, brushing, combing and bathing.

Never consider taking one Persian cat at home unless you are dedicated enough to groom and take care of them. If they are well taken care of, they can die due to complications and illness.

Health Issues

Persians can live up to 20 years when responsible caring is shown to them. However, aside from health issues and problems brought by improper grooming and caring, these sweet and loving Persians are also at risk due to several inherited diseases.

It is very important that when adopting a Persian cat, it should come from a conscientious breeder so that genetic diseases can be detected and treated at an early stage. Some backyard breeders do not screen them for possible inherited diseases since they lack proper knowledge and skills in doing so.

The Persian cat is the glamour feline of the world, with its flowing coat, sweet and calm face, it made him one of the most popular cat breed anywhere in the world. Furthermore, they have always been bred to produce a round head, short flat face, chubby cheeks, and little nose, erasing any drawbacks of their grooming and caring needs.

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