Mommy’s-Persian Kittens Florida

Mommy's-Persian Kittens Florida

Mommy’s- Persian Kittens Florida. Baby a Blue Eyed White. 

Baby one of our mommy’s  of Persian Kittens Florida.  She is a sweetheart loves attention whether it’s playtime or grooming.  And I never forget her reward treat. And if I did she would put her paw on my leg to remind me. With the  angelic white coat and  her beautiful big round  deep blue eyes she is a rare beauty!

She is in love with Tali and they make the most beautiful kittens together.  She is very laid back, easy going and best mommy ever! Her kittens for the most part have blue eyes, but also can have the emerald green and on occasion the highly sought after rare jewel eyes. One blue and one green.

Babies kittens are as sweet as they are beautiful.

Mommy's-Persian Kittens Florida

Mommy’s-Persian Kittens Florida. Glitter a chinchilla golden.

Glitter is a  green eyed chinchilla golden Persian Glitter is very active wants to know every minute what’s going on with everybody. Loves looking out the window at the birds squirrels and lizards.

She is most definitely a people  kitty.  Also a diva in her own right. She loves to be groomed, she’s beautiful and she knows it.  She is most happy when she is with Tali and the other kitties as well as humans.

She make amazing little babies golden’s, and blue eyed whites.

Her babies are outgoing and super sweet.

Mommy's-Persian Kittens Florida

Mommy’s-Persian Kittens Florida.  Gemma a blue chinchilla.

Gemma is a bit feisty likes things her own way. Doesn’t like to hear the word no. Even if it’s because she has something she should not have. She does mind but with a protest.

Grooming is her favorite activity especially the reward treat. Matter of fact I think she’s just in it for the reward treats. She is a blue chinchilla Persian cat.

Mommy's-Persian Kittens Florida

Mommy’s-Persian Kittens Florida.  Lili a Chinchilla Silver.

Lili a chinchilla silver, is a shy girl doesn’t really enjoy meeting new people. She is very petite, extremely short bodied. Very thick luscious coat, she keeps herself very well groomed.

The chinchilla silver is a white coat with silver tips on the ends of the fur. The difference between chinchilla silver and shaded silver is the amount of silver tips. They have blue-green or emerald green eyes. Along with that they have black eye liner and mascara making their look so beautiful.

Lili is a tremendous mommy to the babies. Always keeps them groomed and looking their best.

Mommy's-Persian Kittens Florida
Mommy’s-Persian Kittens Florida.  Zera a black and white Persian Cat

Zera  is her own girl fearless describes her. The first to investigate any new noise, toy or person. She absolutely has no fear of anything at all. We think she thinks she’s owns the house. And should be the one in charge of everything. She is quite talkative always has a lot to say.  All that said, she is highly affectionate. Treats are her favorite part of the day.

She loves being a mommy and some of her babies will always be bi-color.

Our Beautiful Female Teacup Persian Cats.

Raised With Love and Care! At CatsCreation. We treat our Teacup cats like royalty. We never cage them. They enjoy a loving, calm and peaceful environment. Often full of children and grandchildren ready to adore and spoil them! To us, they’re not just cats. They are truly beloved members of our family. My husband likes to say that the cats tricked us… They just let US live here and take care of them!

We provide only the best quality care for all cats in our  program, Moms and dads alike. They are always up to date on all of their vaccinations. Including routine health care. We give them the finest quality food and vitamins. In fact, Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food.  Made with only the most select ingredients… No corn, no wheat, no artificial flavors or colors. Our vitamins are scientifically formulated. With the proper amount of minerals and antioxidants. In addition, our cats drink only purified water… Not bottled, well, spring or tap water.

We groom our

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