Persian Cat Rare Colors. Now all those pet lovers there, and the not so much pet lover but with a fetish for cats and kittens would know why Persian cats are the most popular breed of cats out there. You don’t? Grab a look at their sweet faces, innocent eyes and the long thick coat of hair (I call it fur because I like how a ball of fur sounds). The fluffy coat sure makes them look fuller. On the contrary they are well toned and muscular (No, not enough to survive one of your wrestling session- Beware of being clawed upon) and they stand upon shorter legs than most from the cat family you see around. And why exactly do you fall in love with this exotic breed over all others? Look at those big dazzling eyes and you’ll sure know.

Like not all you humans are the same, neither are Persian cats with some more special than the other. Oh yes, your you thought only humans are judged on the basis of color? Not really! Us humans judge even cats based on their color.

Persian Cat Rare Colors. The most popular variety and my personal favorite happens to the brilliant white cat. Not just the color but I believe these cats are brilliant too. The regal appearance of these cats is well owed to their white hair, pink nose and pink paw pads. And the eyes are deep blue or even copper colored…well mostly. The Greek god cat?

Well copper eyes are also found in brown Persian cats, with some having super dark tones to carry. Brown cats may as well have dark colored mouths bringing across stark contrast with its red paws.

Other interesting varieties have a variety of blended colors to exhibit. The most sought after is the Chinchilla cat with silver tinge towards the tips of its coat. They’ll look like shining silver to you, more often than not. These chinchilla silvers have pure white ear tufts, chin, chest and stomach. They’ll stare at you with blue-green eyes with the rims of eyes, nose and lips outlined in black.

Another variety is the Red Chinchilla also known as the shell cameo. The white undercoat in red chinchillas is topped with red tipped hair on the head, back, flanks and tail. It stands out from the rest since even the face and legs are often tipped.

The tortoise shell cat too is a lesser popular but much sought after variety of cat. The name is mostly owed to the mixture of black and red shading of the coat which makes it appear more like a tortoise than not. The pattern hence is similar to the tortoise shell.

The Persian cats with such unique combinations are mostly so loved by cat lovers that they become a favourite with the owner almost instantly. This unique pattern on their coats make the tabby division cats all so loved and popular. You too? The Mackerel Tabby pattern is the best example, get to see it and you’ll know.

It features include real defined markings that resemble narrow pencil strokes. The legs to you will look like bracelets on its legs going all the way up the body. There’s a M like shape on the forehead (why do I associate it with the naming Mackerel?..Never mind.) Also there are two thin lines running from the eyes down the spine, why else would they be the top variety of exotic Persian cats.

Now that you know, get to lay your eyes on all these and choose from among them. You’re sure to boast of the best looking cat in town.

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