Choosing Cat Litter: Litter for Toy Teacup Persian Kittens, Doll Faced Small Kittens and Tea Cup Cats

Choosing Cat Litter: Which litter should I choose? The litter dilemma from a breeders perspective. When deciding on a litter for your new cat or kitten first check with the breeder and find out the one he or she is used to. If you desire to change it you should follow a few simple steps. You can do so by using two boxes side-by-side and letting your cat choose or with some you can simply change with no interruption at all. Also placement of the litter box should be carefully considered. Sometimes if you have a large home you might want to have two or three litter boxes around the house. It’s a good idea when changing the location of the litter box to do so slowly, moving the box a few feet at a time until you new choice of locations is reached.

Let’s investigate types of litter:

Scoop able Clumping cat litters are usually a clay-based litter. They come in scented and non-scented formulas. Really the cat cares not if it is or isn’t, this is for you. If you scoop regularly you will have no problems with odor. Clay litters are very affordable and manufactured by many brands. Personally I like the Fresh Step with odor eliminating carbon.

Crystal Litters are composed of silica and sand and they are low dust. The urine is absorbed and you stir it in.  The feces is dehydrated, making it easy to remove. This type of litter works well in small places as well as multiple cat households. I personally choose the litter made for the long haired cat. It is biodegradable, hypoallergenic, low tracking and non-toxic. What more could you ask from a litter?

Corn Litters are 100% natural and made from whole kernel corn. They are the one litter that is flush able and is also a clumping litter. They advertise odor control and are Pet, people and planet safe making them a great choice for those who like natural products. In this type I like the World’s Best brand.

Paper Litters are made from 100% recycled paper. This is fragrance free and very absorbent. It also is very low tracking and virtually dust free.

Wheat Litters are just low tracking clay and chemical free that claims to have clumping and easy scooping. They are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Pine Litters are very similar to the wheat and corn litters. Once again they are environmentally friendly and dust free.

Breeze Pellets are virtually dust free and the urine passes through to an odor controlling pad beneath. No dust or mess from this system. I think it is great for those with one or two cats total.

Toilet Training is a no litter at all system which trains your cat to use a standard toilet. They claim three easy steps and your cat will be toilet trained. I have not tried this for myself but I am willing, although I would not use this until my cat was full grown because of the obvious danger of the kitten falling in a toilet filled with water.

Choosing Cat Litter: This sums up my look at the different types of litter available. Ultimately the choice is up to you as you must decide which elements are right for you and your cat. Natural, environmentally friendly or economical there are plenty of choices for you to make.

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