Choosing a Litter Box, Litter box recommendations for your Teacup Persian Kitten. Which litter box do I choose, power, manual, cover, uncover or hidden. Do I need a special box for my tiny Persian kitten? So many choices so let’s explore some options.

What Type of Litter Box Is Best For A Teacup Persian?

Choosing A Litter Box: The standard box comes covered or open, top entry, side entry, with a flat or simply kitty steps in. You can find a lot of litter box covers, they come in many styles and some are very clever. They have ones that double as an living room table, or some that look like an artificial plant. Wicker, wood, or plastic you name it can find one for an any room. Some with shelves on top, some with front entries side entries or top entries. They quite simply come in an array of colors and styles to fit any décor.

Covered or open boxes must be scooped daily. These boxes can be cleaned easily using soap and water. It is always good to use detergent which kills germs. It is recommended that this is done weekly to monthly depending on the number of cats at which kind of litter your using.

To Scoop or Not to Scoop – That is the Question!

Okay say you don’t want to scoop, what are my options. There are no power boxes that you can roll to clean. There are those which you can sift to clean. Also there are many choices in power. Ones that contact plumbing some simply plug-in. These boxes were well but I do not recommend them for more than two cats or kittens. Personally I find that the power boxes do not do a great job in controlling Oder.

Each time the Kitty enters the box it triggers the rate which picks up the soil litter and deposits it in a receptacle. So every time they Kitty enters the rake is triggered and the receptacle is open releasing smell from the previous time. Also I find it very tedious to disassemble clean and reassemble. I find it takes around half hour to complete this task. Now the boxes that hook up to the plumbing have plastic litter these actually rinse the pallets after each use. I think these are fantastic.

Standard boxes such as the breeze also use plastic pellets however the still need to be scooped. The pellets are replaced monthly and they use a pad below to collect the urine. I also think these are fantastic.

All litter boxes must be cleaned according to the manufacturers directions, each power box is different and has different requirements. You can check your owner’s manual for a list of instructions or simply go online.

For any litter box you can find several choices of litter mats. They come in carpet, plastic, vinyl grooved or smooth. These can cut down on litter being tracked through you r home. So explore all the different possibilities and wonderful products available.

Where Should I Put My Kitten’s Litter Box?

Choosing A Litter Box: Let’s talk about placement if you have a very large home you might consider two boxes. This is also true in a two-story house. Where you keep the box is strictly up to you. Some folks choose the laundry room or a bathroom others plain sight. If you have more than one cat or kitten you may want to have more than one box. You should never have more than two cats or kittens using a single box.

So whether you use a power box or a simple box, keeping it clean is the key to a happy cat. So have fun explore all the choices and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 407 709 9541 should you have any questions, at CatsCreation we love to talk (brag!) about our tiny little teacup sized babies!

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