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Boy or Girl Persian: Persian Cats, just like us humans, each have their own distinct personality that can be greatly affected by their gender. When choosing doll faced tiny cats and small kittens, it’s important to contemplate the characteristics and behaviors you are looking for. While each Persian Cat will have their own quirks despite gender, as humans do, there are certain qualities that are distinct to male kittens or female kittens. Good Persian breeders know these traits well and will be helpful for you in choosing the right white teacup Persian kitten for your desires, but basic background information on general behaviors will provide you with a foundation from which to begin your search. Whether you are choosing a kitten to be the first family cat or adding a new member to an existing bunch, gender is an important consideration. As a whole, male kittens are more affectionate and easygoing, while females are independent and spunky.

One of the most common misconceptions surrounding Persian kittens for sale pertains to the ideas surrounding male kittens. In general, it is believed that male kittens are less desirable because they have territorial or aggressive tendencies, often accused of naughty behavior such as marking or spraying. Nothing can be farther from the truth; in fact it is more a female which will show this behavior. Spaying or neutering at the proper age will stop all these concerns in either gender. In actuality, boy kittens are extremely lovable and warm. They are the first to show affection and usually adore being coddled and held. While they are the typical “cuddlers,” they also have a playful side. Boys are goofballs by nature. They will tend to hold on to the qualities of kitten hood long into their adult years. With playfulness comes an easygoing nature and an inclination to be less dignified. Commonly, male cats will be the ones to keep you laughing. Males are quick to warm up to strangers and less likely to hide from the house guests.

Boy or Girl Persian: While males will remain playful and laid-back, females are quick to mature. However, maturity is not a negative aspect of the female nature. A mature personality doesn’t necessarily translate to an aloof or distant and detached attitude. With maturity comes a responsiveness and a quickness in learning new things. Though they are slower to warm up to strangers or new cats, they are quicker to leave things alone. Typically, a female cat will need less caring for. Male cats love constant attention. Females are independent and able to figure things out on their own.
With each gender there are positives and negatives. While knowing the basics about each gender can help you with your decision, it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. In the end, personality will trump everything. Just like people, there will always be oddballs that don’t fit the mold. When purchasing a Persian Kitten, always be sure to find a quality Persian. Ask questions about the parents so you can learn of possible inherited behaviors of their offspring as well as a glimpse of the look your new kitten will grow into.
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