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Should I Keep My Teacup Persian Cat Indoors?

When it comes to Teacup Persian kitten care, keeping your new baby  happy, healthy and safe is a top priority.  Many people ask the question, “Should I keep my Persian indoors, outdoors, or a little of both?” We believe that although happy kittens and cats need lots of playtime and exercise, this can be the most safely accomplished indoors. There are many hazards that can befall your precious new baby out of doors, and we will take a look at the advantages of both if any.

Advocates of Outdoor Persian Cats

Allowing your cat to live outdoors may be fine for some breeds of cats – but certainly not for Persians. Persians are gentle and loving, and require a lot of care – both physically, and environmentally. Those that advocate letting your cat live outdoors all of the time, or even part of the time, claim that you can do this safely within a securely fenced yard. But do fences keep all hazards out? What about parasites and worms? Outdoor chemicals and pesticides? Or, have you ever really seen a fence that can keep other cats out that are truly determined to get in? Really? What about keeping your Persian’s beautiful coat clean, well-groomed and mat-free? This is much more difficult when they are living outdoors. Indeed, Teacup Persian kitten care is a completely different ball of yarn!

Teacup Persian Kittens Live Longer Lives Indoors

Kittens and cats require almost constant supervision out of doors, and according to some feline experts, cats that live happy, healthy lives indoors have a life expectancy of about 15 years. Contrarily, those that are permitted to live outdoors, or roam outdoors part-time have a life expectancy of 2 – 3 years. What makes the difference? Those cats that live outside are exposed to many dangers. Some of those dangers include predators like dogs, raccoons, or even coyotes in very rural areas. In addition these pets could be struck by a car, or poisoned by rodent poisons or chemicals. There are also dangers from fighting with other cats, (they are very territorial), and not to mention getting lost – never to be seen again. Most worrisome, would be their exposure to deadly feline diseases that are carried by other cats.

Teacup Persians Live Healthier Lives Indoors

A couple of the concerns that some may have with a cat that lives completely indoors would be your Persian’s exercise needs and socializing needs. Although Persians are more laid-back by nature, they do require exercise, and lots of attention and play time. Here are some tips to help keep your darling healthy and happy when living indoors:

  • Keeping him or her well-groomed is a must – whether living indoors or outdoors. This includes grooming their coat, nails and eyes.
  •  Provide plenty of toys, scratching posts, toys dangling on a string with supervision, or a window shelf where they can enjoy looking outdoors and also gives them a place to perch and leap from.
  • Give lots of attention to your Teacup Persian kitten by snuggling them and holding them close to you. Be careful to not play with them aggressively with your hands to help keep them gentle.
  • Get a companion cat to keep each other company and to provide lots of play and activity – both of which will keep your family in stitches while watching their playful antics together!
  • Finally,  if you feel getting your precious Persian cat or kitten out of doors is a must, then you can certainly train your cat to walk with a leash, or even a harness for a walk together in the park!

By following this essential Teacup Persian kitten care advice, you have a much better chance of having many safe, happy and healthy years with your fluffy baby.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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