Cat Care Persian Kitten

Cat Care Persian Kitten. If you have purchased a Persian kitten or cat you have bought yourself one of God’s sweetest and most beautiful animals! These gentle cats make a wonderful companion and friend and will bring much joy to your home! Although your baby may feel somewhat shy at first when you initially bring it home, it will soon adjust and adapt to it’s new surroundings. The most fundamental thing is making sure your new addition knows exactly where to find its food, water and litter box. We’re pleased to offer you some helpful Teacup Persian kitten care tips.

Care of Doll Faced Tiny Cats – The Basics

There are some basic duties and practices in caring for one of our White Persian Kittens to make sure it has a happy and healthy life. The most basic principle is remembering that your precious new family member depends solely on you for its care and to provide all the loving attention it will need throughout its life. Having said that, to provide the most loving and healthy environment possible for your new Persian, there are several other important factors in giving him or her a loving and healthy environment.

Cat Care Persian Kitten

Food, Water and Vitamins

Cat Care Persian Kitten: Having the right food for your pet is simply a fundamental principle in raising healthy cats. Choosing a food that is wholesome and nutrient-dense is critical. Select a food that is made using only all-natural ingredients that are human-grade. Never use foods that contain by-products or allergy-causing ingredients such as corn, wheat or soy. It’s important that you feed your Persian the same feed given at the cattery where you purchased it until a full transition can be made to the healthy food of your choice. The food should be available all day but only one day’s worth at a time. Also make sure fresh, purified water is available in abundance for your cat. Avoid tap, mineral or spring water – which can cause urinary problems. Finally to round out your Persian’s diet, make sure you give him or her a daily vitamin supplement to enhance immune system function for a long, healthy life.

Litter Box Care and Supplies

When it comes to Teacup Persian kitten care, the litter box is a very important area of care for both your cat and yourself! There are many style of boxes and litter containers available. Some come disguised as pieces of accent furniture. Some are more plain with openings at the top or side for your kitty to enter. Some even come powered for self-cleaning purposes. Whatever box you choose, be sure to choose a litter mat to cut down on tracking litter throughout the house. If you have a large home or own more than one Persian, you should more litter boxes available for use. As far as litter goes, choose only premium litter – such as crystals or clay that naturally cut down on odor.

Something to Scratch On

Declawing your Persian should be a last resort in controlling scratching – although keeping the nails clean and trimmed is an important aspect of care for your cat. Providing your Persian with a scratching pad or post or a cat tree will more than satisfy its desire to scratch. For enhanced enjoyment – sprinkle a bit of cat-nip onto the pad or post and watch your Persian go crazy on it!

Grooming Your Teacup Persian Kitten

This is a crucial area of care for your cat, though Persians don’t require as much grooming as some may think. Although Persians are very clean and do much grooming on themselves – daily combing is very important to protect your cat from swallowing hairballs. Of course you will love this time with your pet and it will certainly return that love with much affection and camaraderie. You can also add a hairball gel to the food to help in this crucial area of health. Wiping their eyes and bathing is on an as-needed basis, and the nails should be trimmed weekly.

All in all, Persians don’t require much more time to care for than any other cat. But they do require love, attention and the security that only you can provide for them. We hope you’ve enjoyed our article on Teacup Persian Kitten care. If you have any questions please contact us for more information.

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