To understand what cats feel we need to date back at least a thousand years to understand their ancestry.

Cats weren’t always domesticated. They come from the lineage of wildcats called Felis silvestris lybica. Scientists believe that domesticated cats have undergone only minor changes in structure and behavior, and they are still capable of surviving in the wild. Cats, like their species, exhibit diverse fur patterns. Different species and breeds exhibit different kinds of furs. 


Why Do Cats Purr?

Purring signifies cats’ contentment and gratitude. They are found purring when they are delighted or when they are eating. Nevertheless, cats may purr when they are ill as well. They use purring to comfort or divert themselves. So purring doesn’t always mean they are happy. Some researchers believe that the vibration from purring helps cats heal their bones when damaged.

Do The Owners Become Their Parents?

 Cats rub around their owner’s legs when they greet them, displaying their friendly regard for them. Some University studies claim that cats actually do see their owners as parents. With that said, they also love them as much as a parent is loved by their child. According to the study, a major percentage of cats were found distraught when their owner left them and were relieved upon their return. So, it’s not just dogs who love their masters, cats love them too!   

Popular Breeds of Cats

Cats have their own fandom and popularity. Some breeds compete against each other to top this popularity poll.

  • Devon Rex Cats

This is a relatively new breed of cats, discovered by accident in the year 1960, and has been given many names; alien cats, pixie cats, and so on.

Its unique captivating appearance captures the recognition of many cat-lovers. 

  • Ragdoll Cats

These cats get their name because they tend to relax. These are one of the most affectionate and easygoing breeds. Also referred to as “puppy-cats” because of their dog-like temperament, these are extremely friendly.

  • Exotic Shorthair Cats

This cat is America’s most popular cat, dethroning the Persian cat after 31 years. It is a cross between Persian cats and another breed called American Shorthairs.

  • British Shorthair 

This breed commonly appears on TVs. It is believed that this breed was brought to the British by the Romans. 

  • Persian Cats

Besides hanging on to the second position in popularity right after the Exotic Shorthair Cats, this breed doesn’t leave its opportunity to create an impact among the cat-lovers. It is still loved and adored by the majority of the population because of its gentle and laid-back personality. Among all of these, Teacup Persian cats are exceedingly admired cats.  

Get Cats to Love You

Needless to say, cats feel affection towards people who feed and look after them. Nevertheless they don’t make it as obvious as dogs do, so are generally perceived as grumpy beings. It’s best to let the cat approach you rather than making it like you. Rewarding it frequently and giving it the liberty to roam around gains your trust among cats.

So yes, cats, like any other beings, do have feelings and if you treat them right, they will love you.

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