Siamese or Persian

Let’s look at some options

Siamese or Persian, The Siamese is a beautiful long bodied cat with slender long legs. They always have blue eyes due to a genetic factor. Never do they need to be combed or brushed. Very great family pets,  they do well with children and other pets. (Assuming other pets get along well with others). Attention loving extremely playful, they also love to be kissed and held as well as cuddled. 

Did you also know they are very curious and extremely smart. Very talkative will even carry on a conversation with their owners. They also can be easily taught  simple tricks such as fetch, high five, and many others. 

One thing to consider they don’t see well in low light or darkness.

They are the oldest domesticated cat breed in the world. Originated from Siam now called Thailand.

Born pure white the kitty then develops their beautiful points. Points can be blue, chocolate, torte, lilac and seal points. They also can be the rare snow shoe having white paws.

April 6th is national Siamese cat day. 
 They enjoy A nice long life span of 15 to 20 years. 

Ok now let’s look at the Persian kittens, Siamese or Persian,

Long hair, round doll faces, large eyes ( which enable them to see well at night) with a short Colby body and short legs. They are not known for being high jumpers. Some believe they must be bathed regularly, while others believe they keep their selfs groomed very well. Too much bathing can also cause excess shedding by drying out their coats. Either way a daily combing is required. They are a docile quiet gentle baby. Love to be held and sleep in your bed, where you are that’s where they will be. Not really recommended for young children. And as with many breeds males are more layed back, tend to be more of the lap babies. Females are naturally more independent and on the hunt for a new toy or adventure.
They are considered a non aggressive breed. Indoor only never an outside cat.  As with any breed if you work or are gone long hours consider a friend for your kitty. They come in an array of colors blue eyed white, blue, silver or even bi-color and tri-color. Eye colors any where from blue, green, jewel eyed (different color eyes) or copper.

Originated in Iran, they enjoy a lifespan of 12 to 17 years.

Keep in mind as with any feline good food and vitamins are a must. Good nutrition will keep vet visits away.