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Breed Standards for Persian Cats

You probably already know that Persian cats, with their beautiful “open-pansy” faces and long flowing coats, are some of America’s most popular cats. At CatsCreation we breed only doll face Persians that are white, Chinchilla, and Silver in color. But, for each domestic breed, there is an official standard of perfection that is registered with each different association, such as the Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA).
Both of these associations are registries of the different cat breeds recognized by type and their distinct features that allow them to either qualify for show – or could result in being penalized or disqualified altogether. This page will make a brief overview of breed standards for Persian cats.

General Persian Cat Breed Standards

Because standards differ slightly from one cat registry to another, not all types are recognized by each association. In order for a cat association to recognize your particular type, it must first be accepted for provisional status. In order to become recognized for competition in championship shows, the breed must complete and meet a rigorous set of requirements set by that particular cat association.

Persians – An Array of Colors!

When some folks think of Persians, many times they picture them in white, and of course these beauties have long been the “darling” of cat photographers. But Persians come in an amazing array of beautiful colors – which have been divided into seven different color distinctions or divisions for the purpose of championship competition. Those are:

~ Bicolor Division
~ Himalayan Division
~ Particolor Division
~ Shaded and Smoke Division
~ Silver and Golden Division
~ Sold Color Division
~ Tabby Division

The Distinct Beauty of Doll Faced Persian Kittens for Sale

These adorable cats are really the “Rolls Royce” of cat-dom. Often called teacup, pocket, palm-sized, pixie or mini – these favorites are mostly part of the Shaded and Smoke division or Silver and Golden division. Color-specific breeding has been necessary over the years to maintain the beauty of these types of Persian. Also they have been subject to more changes within the different divisions than other breeds. Until 1961, according to the CFA breeding standard, the Shaded Division consisted of shaded silvers, chinchilla silvers and smokes; when at this time cameos were added. Then the smokes were removed in 1965 and given their own color division. Finally in 1976, shaded golden’s and chinchilla golden’s were added to the Shaded Division.

The delicate, almost ethereal color of these beauties make them greatly sought after. The chinchilla appears to be almost sparkling white at times, with light black tippling on their adorable faces, body, tail and legs. The shadeds are highlighted with a mantle of black shading – evenly matched – down the sides, legs and face. The golden’s can be either shaded or chinchilla and are a rich, creamy color tipped with black. Silvers and golden’s have either green or blue-green eyes that are rimmed in black. They also have black paw pads with rose-colored or brick red-colored nose leather.

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