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Helpful Information about CatsCreation Doll Face Kittens. Feline behavior can sometimes be a mystery, hopefully this article be useful.

Heightened senses are typically associated with cats, but there’s more to it than night-vision and sensitive hearing than you may think. Although cats cannot see as well as humans in broad daylight, their night vision, peripheral vision and binocular vision excels. They see movement easier than detail and have an excellent ability to judge distances. These aspects of their vision are specifically adapted for hunting, especially in the dark.

A interesting fact is that you can tell the eye color of your pet by the color the eyes reflect to the light. Yellow means the cats eyes are yellow or gold. While green means the cat has green eyes. However a red reflection means the cat has blue eyes. Also did you know eighty five percent of blue eyed white Persian cats are deft. It is very wise to talk with a perspective buyer to insure your new kitten will not have a hearing problem. Despite these numerous qualities, it is believed that they can only see a limited variety of colors. Mainly the primary ones such as red, blue and yellow. It is a good idea to choose these colors when purchasing things such as toy, beds, bowls, litter boxes ect. This way it cuts down on a bland world of grays and blacks and will give the cat or kitten stimulation. . If you’ve ever heard that a cat can hear a woman’s voice better than a man’s, it’s quite possibly true.

Also another animal such as another feline or even a wild animal with a high pitched tone. The feline ear is sensitive to higher frequencies, meaning that a cat is likely to be more responsive to a female voice. However, a cat can hear a wide variety of sounds, even those in the ultrasonic range. A cat can tune its ears to focus on certain sounds- “selective hearing” at it’s finest. If a certain noise is heard on a regular basis they can actually tune it out. Even if it is a load noise such as a blender, phone or door bell. Although the sensitive vision and hearing are the most commonly known qualities of a cat, the other senses are specifically tuned as well. The sharp sense of smell plays a large role in finding food as well as in the reproductive process.

A male cat can smell an approachable female cat from hundreds of yards away. Especially a female in season or another whole male cat. This is why it is so important to spay or neuter your pet cat. The tongue is rough and covered with protuberances, used for removing meat from bones and, more commonly, grooming. It doesn’t detect sweetness very well, yet it can detect the slightest variation in water. The cat’s sensitive whiskers, or vibrissae, feel the slightest touch. They are particularly handy when it comes to sensing changes in the environment, testing obstacles, and finding the way through very dim light. Lights on or off it is most likely your cat will navigate just fine thought the house.


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