Adopted by Jim of Virginia
Birthday: 8/13/2011

Born to Lola and Rory

Just an FYI on how Taile is doing. First as you can see by the photo she now rules the roost. Its hard to believe its only been a little over a week since she came here. She’s now called Penny (short for Penelope) and has completely adjusted to both her new home and surroundings. She having a blast with Timmy (the other cat we got from you) and has had no problems with the other 2 cats. Even doing well with the 2 dogs. She eats great has found all the litter boxes and water bowls and had a perfect checkup at the Vets. She can go just about anywhere in the house on her own and has no problem sleeping. Otherwise its amazing how well she adjusted to her new home and environment without so much as skip and again many thanks.


Linda… Just thought I’d send you an updated pic of Penny. The cushsion behind her is so right, she now rules the house. There is nothing that she is afraid of. Not the dogs, other cats, or even strange noises. Jim