Dangers of Kitten Scams. If you’ve landed here, chances are you’re ready to add a beautiful Teacup Persian Kitten to your family, an important decision in many ways! Once you’ve made up your mind, the planning and research begin- and along with that comes the anticipation, excitement, and financial investment as you begin to prepare your life for the addition of an adorable new companion.

Unfortunately, there are many evil people on the internet looking to prey on those feelings by posing as legitimate kitten breeders with the sole intention of scamming you out of your hard earned money. In addition to the financial hardship of losing your investment, the feelings of joy you once held turn to heartbreak and disappointment when you realize you’ve not only been taken advantage of, but won’t be bringing home the sweet little Teacup Persian Kitten you’ve been dreaming of.

We receive countless phone calls and emails from devastated individuals describing this exact scenario, and it fills us with sorrow- especially when we realize our own photos have been stolen and used as a weapon for deceit.

As an honest and reputable Teacup Persian Kitten cattery, we feel a responsibility to warn you that scams like this are extremely common, and arm you with the tools to recognize the warning signs before it’s too late.

Dangers of Kitten Scams

As you begin your due diligence, here are the most important red flags to be on the lookout for.

  • Scammers will typically try to avoid extensive communication, as to not accidentally divulge any clues that would unravel their web of lies. Be wary of any “catteries” who are hesitant to communicate frequently and openly, perhaps requesting email or text message only, though some more sophisticated scam operations are willing to converse by phone. They will usually provide short answers or exhibit annoyance when you press them for information. When it comes to our Teacup Persian Kittens, we encourage our clients to ask as many questions as they please, and remain in touch throughout the process and beyond for support and guidance. We’re never more than a phone call away, and we pride ourselves on that.
  • Unscrupulous sellers won’t be able to produce very many photos of the kitten they are supposedly selling, as the pictures they provide are simply a collection of stolen images they’ve found on the web. They may provide photos with noticeable inconsistencies, or refuse to provide frequent pictures of the rapidly developing Teacup Persian Kitten entirely. At CatsCreation, we happily provide weekly photo updates of your kitten so you can follow their development closely until your loving little sweetie is in your arms. 
  • Illegitimate kitten operations and dangers of kitten scams will usually demand deposits or full payments by specific methods like Western Union , Venmo , Zell or other cash transfers they insist on these money services because they know once you send the payment, it’s impossible for you to get it back when you realize you’ve been swindled. As a reputable Teacup Persian Kitten breeder we accept only safe, secure and traceable forms of payment and we will never press you to choose a method you’re not comfortable with. 
  • Lastly, scammers will usually offer you the kitten of your dreams at a price that seems too good to be true. As a professional, experienced breeder we set our prices in a way that reflects how much time, energy and money goes into raising a happy, healthy, loving Teacup Persian Kitten. Illegitimate breeders may also contact you throughout the process demanding unexpected additional charges like “registration costs” or “customs fees.” This is a common scam tactic and you should walk away from any dealing where the total costs are not transparent from the beginning. Consider the investment carefully, as finding a much “cheaper” option may cost you time, money, and ultimate heartache when you find out the Teacup Persian Kitten you thought you were purchasing doesn’t exist.

In conclusion, Dangers of kitten scams, the most important advice we can offer is to trust your gut. If an element of the transaction feels wrong, it probably is, and you should hold faith in your instincts. At CatsCreation, our ultimate goal is to provide unmatched transparency in providing you with the tiny Teacup Persian Kitten you have your heart set on. Scammers will do everything in their power to appeal to your emotions with stolen photos of adorable kittens and intricately woven schemes, but you must not let your heart overrule your head. We hope that these tips have provided you with the necessary information to avoid being robbed of hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and we look forward to the opportunity to show you the way we, as a reputable breeder, can provide you the sweet little bundle of joy you’ve been yearning for! 

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