Grooming a Persian cat. Let’s start with the tools we need. It is best to have a grooming bag or basket in which to keep them in. That way it doesn’t take time each day to gather your supplies. Include your stainless steel comb and also a pair of small scissors. Also your eye regiment including eyewash, Eye washing pads ,powder, and brush. (These supplies are available online and not always available in pet stores. )Always a good idea to have Q-tips in 
your kit as well. Having these things organized will save time and encourage a good daily grooming regiment. We must not only groom The fur but also pay close attention to cleaning the eyes. Sense Persians have big round eyes they tend to need a daily cleaning.

You will need a stainless steel comb we recommend a six-inch comb with fine and coarse teeth. (You can find them online or in your local pet store.)Don’t forget the treats as kitty will respond well to that reward system.

Daily cleaning is very important we must be consistent and reward kitty for a job well done. When using the rewards system your kitty will love the grooming process since there is a treat following. This also is great for the bonding process as they love to be clean. After all they spend 1/3 of every day keeping them self looking good.

Grooming a Persian Cat , Let’s begin I start with a gentle combing.  You may not see a lot of fur 
.But remember that the fur you remove daily will not end up on your furniture or in kitties digestive system. But twice a year spring and fall your kitty will have a lot of Loose fur.

This is referred to by Breeder’s as blowing their coat. It is perfectly normal and you will find that with daily grooming you can remove this excess fur. So you won’t experience lots of fur in your home, on floors and furniture. Proper nutrition also plays a giant roll and shedding. But that’s another subject altogether. When coming with your stainless steel comb make sure that you get down to the skin. Always being gentle as not to hurt the cat. The undercoat must be combed as well as the top fur. If you neglect the undercoat this is what will cause tangles and matting, so be sure to get right down to the skin. If Matting does occur, Gently try to unravel with your fingers. If this does not work use your small scissors to cut the mats out, being very careful of the skin.

Grooming your Persian can be an enjoyable part of pet ownership. Any questions please text or email me.

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