Doll Faced Silver Persian living in Florida with Melissa.


Hi Linda!

Not sure if you will remember me…

I have Tainey a chinchilla silver. It’s hard to believe that she will be 10 in May!!

I think of sending you messages often… We love her so much and I always want to say Thank you!! You raise your kitties with such love and care that they have the best personalities. Well at least mine does 😉

So when we were adopting Tainey, I would bring my daughter who was 3 at the time, Amber. She is 12 now & pictured in the 2nd attachment and I have a son, Aiden who is 8. Aiden is very sweet with Tainey.

I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to say “Hi” and Thank you. I’m starting to get the itch for another…. We had 2 Dear Persians that passed in 2012. They were 18 and 19 years old. I often go on your website and look at your beautiful kitties.


🙂 Melissa