Puff Catty

Puff Catty

Chinchilla Silver Male Persian Kitten born to Prisca. Puff Catty is happily residing in Lexington Kentucky with Diana.



Here's our little sweetheart in a box:-)
My husband, son, and mom are nuts about him.  Of all things, my husband can't 
keep his hands off of him...my son, who lives in his own apartment finds excuses 
to drop by the house to play with him and brings his roomates because they are 
crazy about him, too ...my mom, who is allergic to cats, is not allergic to him 
and can snuggle and nuzzle him without having symptoms (is this breed 
hypoallergenic?)....and needless to say, he has captured my heart!  Thank you 
for such a wonderful kitty!  I still want another one (when the time is right) 
so keep me posted on upcoming litters.  


PS...loved seeing his pics on your website.  FYI, last time we checked he was 4 

Puff Catty Teacup Persian Kitten


Teacup Persian Cat Puff Catty

Another pic of Puff Catty all decked out in his Christmas finery :-)
Teacup Persian Cat Puff Catty

Snoozing upside down :-)

Teacup Persian Cat Puff Catty

Snoozing upside down 🙂

Just touching bases. Puff Catty is doing great!

Just an update to let you know that Puff is doing great and we love him so very much. He is so much fun and so loving!

All is good!

He has adjusted very quickly and seems to love us a lot ….we love him a lot, too 🙂

The vet visit went well.
Took Puff and Snowball on an over night trip Saturday night for a Business meeting at a nice lodge that allows pets. My mom went along to “kitty sit” and it proved to be a great bonding experience for all 🙂

My husband gets a real kick out of him and my 20 yr old college student son who lives across town in his own apartment has been coming by our house to play and give him some love.

PS.. Puff Catty loves to play with peacock feathers 🙂