Male Doll Faced Chinchilla Silver Persian Kitten

Adopted by Geri and living in Atlantic City, New Jersey


After searching for months for a Persian Kitten, my Girlfriend referred me to her breeder. Since I knew she had such a gorgeous Persian, I decided to check it out.

I contacted Linda Lawyer from Cats Creation ( and spoke to her regarding the adoption of a Persian
Doll Faced Kitten.

She told me that she had litters due for delivery in November.

I decided to put a deposit on one of her kittens and after they were born I couldn’t believe the events that¬†occurred.

Every week I received an adorable photo of my kitten via email along with an explanation of his growth development.

It made me feel like I already had him with me because this process let me bond with my Kitty even before I met him.

The day finally came and he was shipped to me.

I would never have believed that a kitten could be so perfect, truly “God’s Creation”.

Linda Lawyer, the breeder, gives so much love, care and attention to every detail to make sure your kitten is beautiful and healthy.

I am in “Heaven” with my new Kitty.

I would have never believed this process could be so wonderful unless I experienced it for myself.

Linda is an exceptional breeder and lovely person.

The only thing I could say to sum it up would be “BREEDING WITH LOVE”.

Thank you Linda for making sure I received a healthy, adorable kitty. I love him so much!!!