Purchaser agrees to the following:

  • Payment In Full. The total amount due for kittens must be paid be paid when kitten reaches six weeks of age. Once Buyer takes possession of the above described cat/kitten all rights and responsibilities of ownership are the sole responsibility of Buyer (including, but not limited to, veterinarian costs).
  • Deposit and Hold. Buyer has read, understands, and agrees to our non-refundable deposit and hold policy. At the time of final payment, the deposit amount will be deducted from the price of purchase. This deposit is non-refundable except if Seller cannot provide the above described cat/kitten to Buyer for some unforeseen reason. The deposit is transferable to the purchase of another available cat/kitten at the Buyer’s request.
  • Balance Due. The balance of the purchase price plus any delivery charges must be paid in full as follows:  Buyer must make final payment when the kitten is six (6) weeks old in the form of a cashier’s check, pay pal, personal check, or money order.  Funds must clear Seller’s bank before cat/kitten can be shipped or picked up. Seller will provide a receipt.
  • Health Certificate. At the time of delivery, Seller will provide Buyer a Florida State Approved Health Certificate of Veterinary Inspection insuring cat/kitten is free from contagious diseases.
  • Veterinary Expenses. Buyer agrees they are responsible for all veterinary expenses once kitten is in buyer’s possession.
  • Health Record. At placement all CatsCreation Kittens will have had his/her first shots and blood tests, with the exception of the rabies shot. International exported kittens will also have the rabies shot. CatsCreation keeps a closed Cattery. Due to studies done at Cornell University by Dr. Perderson where he concluded FIP Vaccinations can potentiate actual FIP. CatsCreation does not vaccinate for this and does not guarantee health of purchased kittens if they are vaccinated for these after going to their new homes. New owners are advised to discuss vaccination options with their own veterinarian, but agrees that all health guarantees are null and void if this cat is given a FIP vaccine.
  • Limited Six Month Warranty Against Congenital Defects. CatsCreation kittens are blood tested for Felv and Fiv.   If cat/kitten dies within the first six months of its life due to a congenital defect, the Seller will replace the cat/kitten when proof of the defect in the form of a necropsy report from a licensed veterinarian pathologist in addition to appropriate blood work is received by Seller. Although Seller will put forth great effort to replace the exact color/pattern of the cat/kitten, Seller is not obligated to do so. Seller is not responsible for any vet expenses related to the above cat/kitten including autopsy and blood work expenses or any other vet related expenses incurred during the course of cat/kitten’s life. THERE ARE NO CASH REFUNDS – ONLY KITTEN REPLACEMENTS IN THE FORM OF A MONETARY CREDIT FOR PURCHASE PRICE TO BE APPLIED TOWARD THE PURCHASE OF REPLACEMENT KITTEN. Seller does not guarantee against viruses fungus behavioral or any other condition besides congenital defects resulting in death. We do not guarantee against deftness or hard of hearing in white cats.
  • Veterinary Exam.  Seller gives the consumer two business days (48 hours) from the date of delivery in which to have the cat/kitten examined by a licensed veterinarian of the consumer’s choosing. If the veterinarian certifies that at the time of sale, the cat/kitten was unfit for purchase due to a congenital or hereditary disorder that adversely affects the health of the kitten, seller shall afford consumer the right to choose one of the following options: (a) the right to return the cat/kitten and receive a refund of the purchase price, excluding veterinary costs (b) the right to return the cat/kitten and receive an exchange cat/kitten but not a refund of the veterinary costs. Buyer must present certificate of unfitness to seller within 3 business days after vet’s findings. Any evidence of abuse, neglect, or mishandling releases the Seller from responsibility regarding the cat/kitten and voids the above limited warranty. Seller is not responsible for any contagious diseases and/or parasites diagnosed seven (7) days after delivery of cat/kitten. This waiver does not void Seller’s Limited Warranty.
  • Release of Liability. Seller is not liable for expenses incurred (including medical) due to or as a result of the above cat/kitten’s actions. Seller does not guarantee eye color shade, coat color shade, coat length, size, weight, or personality of cat/kitten. Buyer is aware that Persians as a breed are prone to certain cosmetic disorders such as runny eyes, over bites, under bites, wry bites, and feline acne. These cosmetic issues are not considered “health hazards or problems” that would result in a replacement kitten.
  • Purpose. Seller provides cat/kitten solely for the purpose of a companion pet. This is not a warranty expressed or implied that the Buyer will be able to use cat/kitten for showing or breeding purposes.
  • Care of Kitten. Buyer agrees that cat/kitten will live indoors at all times. Buyer agrees never to sell cat/kitten for laboratory use. Buyer agrees to provide necessary vaccinations and adequate health care for the life of this cat/kitten. Yearly check-ups and booster vaccinations (including rabies, if required by your veterinarian) are required and should be brought up-to-date on the health record provided to Buyer at the time of purchase. Buyer agrees to feed cat/kitten purified water and lives abundance premium food and nuvet vitamins without fillers, bi-products, gluten, and magnesium as these can cause crystals and severe health problems. Buyer agrees that if he/she can no longer care for cat/kitten, the Seller will be contacted in an effort to help find a suitable home.
  • Health Insurance. Buyer agrees to sign up for free 30 days health insurance from Trupanion and provide certificate to seller. In the unlikely event that the kitten needs medical care buyer is solely responsible for all costs incurred.
  • Spay/Neuter Agreement. Buyer agrees to have the pet spayed/neutered before the age of 6 months by a qualified vet.  Proof of spay/neuter is required and buyer agrees to surrender the pet if they do not comply with this provision.  CFA papers will be provided if proof of spay/neuter is documented by a qualified vet and are received before the pet is 6 months old.  After the kitten is six months old, no papers will be provided.
  • Agreement. It is agreed that this sale is taking place in the State of Florida, USA, and it is agreed that this contract will be interpreted pursuant to the laws of the State of Florida USA. Therefore, any legal issues are to be handled in the court system of Florida, USA.
  • Fraud. Buyer is aware that any attempts to commit the crime of fraud, including filing fraudulent chargeback’s, paying with fraudulent money orders or cashier’s checks, will be reported to the local DA’s office for full prosecution. The buyer’s local police department will be contacted as well.
  • Entire Agreement. This instrument is intended by both Seller and Buyer to be a final expression of their agreement and, as a complete and exclusive statement of its terms. No representations, understandings or agreements, whether verbal or written, have been made or relied upon in the making of this Agreement other than those specifically set forth herein. Only an agreement signed by both parties may modify this Agreement.
  • Legality. The invalidity, illegality, or unenforceability of any one or more provisions of this Agreement shall in no way affect or impair the validity, legality or enforceability of the remaining provisions herein, such provisions shall remain in full force and effect.
  • Seller’s Rights. All of Seller’s rights hereunder are separate and cumulative, and no one of them, whether or not exercised, shall be deemed to be an exclusion of any of the other rights and shall not limit or prejudice any legal or equitable right which Seller may have.
  • Additional Agreement. This contract is made and signed by both parties to ensure the well-being and protection our doll faced Persian kittens and teacup kittens. This contract constitutes the full agreement between buyer and seller. No other warranty, verbal or written, is implied. There are no returns when you purchase a cat or kitten all sales are final.

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