Our Female Teacup Persians

Our Beautiful Female Teacup Persian Cats are Raised With Love and Care!At CatsCreation, we treat our Teacup cats like royalty. We never cage them, so they enjoy a loving, calm and peaceful environment, often full of children and grandchildren ready to adore and spoil them! To us, they’re not just cats – they are truly beloved members of our family. My husband likes to say that the cats tricked us… they just let US live here and take care of them!

We provide only the best quality care for all cats in our breeding program, moms and dads alike. They are always up to date on all of their vaccinations and routine health care. We give them the finest quality food and vitamins. In fact, our Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food is made with only the most select ingredients… no corn, no wheat, no artificial flavors or colors. Our vitamins are scientifically formulated with the proper amount of minerals and antioxidants. In addition, our cats drink only purified water… not bottled, well, spring or tap water.

We groom our CatsCreation cats and kittens every day, using a stainless steel comb. We recommend this instrument because you are assured of getting down through all of the fur to greatly reduce painful mats and tangling. Daily combing removes excess loose fur and helps to reduce hairballs. We also clean their eyes daily. For all cat care, we use Anna’s Natural Pet Products, which are breeder developed and veterinary approved. Daily care assures that the beauty of our cats always shines through.

Isadora – Blue Eyed White Teacup Persian Cat

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Hannah – White Chinchilla Silver Teacup Persian Cat

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Cilla – Blue Eyed White Doll Faced Teaup Persian

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