I just wanted to update you on our Tyler.  He has become a very cuddly guy with me.  He will curl up with me in bed and loves to cuddle in the bathroom.  Tyler is still very curious about everything.  He loves to play with Toby, his toys, and us.  Toby and Tyler are very close buddies.  They cuddle a lot together too.


Toby is doing great as well.  He is definitely the heavier and more muscular of the two, but Tyler doesn’t let that stop him from instigating play time.  Of course Toby incites play time too.  Tyler jumps over Toby and Toby chases him or Toby hides and jumps out to get Tyler.  Of course there is the lovable licking each other that often times turns into playing.


They never hiss or growl nor do they bite.  They will meow and have a conversation with us.  In other words we are enjoying having them as part of the family.  They bring a ginormousamount of joy and love to our house.


When I think that Tyler could have been in a cage not allowed to run free and only there to make kittens, I think how sad he would have been.  His nature is such a free spirit.  So thank you for finding out about the previous buyer and allowing us to adopt him.  We are trying to give him a good home and life that he deserves.



Diann Musson