Remy, Lexi & Aby

Remy, Lexi & Aby – Chinchilla Silver Teacup Persian Kittens in Canada

Adopted by Sylvia and Tom
Port Hope, BC,  Canada

Remy born 7/30/2011
Alexia born 8/13/2011
Aby born 3/5/2012



Dear Linda: I cannot begin to thank you for my beautiful babies, Remy, Lexie and Aby. They are absolutely gorgeous, healthy,intelligent babies,each with their own unique personality. They give us so much pleasure and entertain us for hours. Lexie is in training to take over the running of our household and watches everything I do. I am sure she is taking notes in preparation for her upcoming role. She loves our Himalyan cat, Misty Blue, and respects that she is the senior cat….very cute. Misty Blue cries for Lexie, so it is a happy blending of the old cat and the new kittens.

Remy is a lovebug and loves to cuddle with us and cuddles with Lexie, his best friend since he was a kitten. They run and play and chase each other all over the well as sitting together and contemplating what is going on around them.

Aby is a very sweet little girl and is adorable, loves to play and carries her toys up to bed. This includes dragging a wand with a mouse, all over the house.

Linda, thank you for your integrity in raising such loving beautiful, quality kittens. They are raised in your home under loving conditions which prepares them to adapt to their new homes so beautifully.

Much love to you and Tim.

We are looking forward to seeing you both and showing off our magnificent babies.














Hi Linda and Tim:
We have been busy getting ready to go back to Canada.   We plan to pack the car Sunday and then go out for  dinner for our wedding  anniversary. We  are leaving early Monday to drive back to Canada.  I am not looking forward to getting home as it still has not warmed up.

Persian Cat Abby of CatsCreation

Lexi is so regal, so majestic and now so loving…:-)
  She is sitting on the pillow in the computer room watching me type.   She loves to be here.
I think of you both often and your beautiful home and all the beautiful things you have done to it.  Your kittens live in a palace.
Keep well and be safe..
Happy Easter.
Persian Cats Remy & Lexi
The cats are great, Abby with her shy little ways, is so very sweet and likes to have quiet times with me.  She loves to be combed and while her fur is not great she looks fluffy for a little bit.  She  likes to play and Lexi and Abby play together and chase each other.
Lexi is absolutely beautiful…She is always coming for loving, jumps on the sofa or chair or wherever to be patted.  She also  comes to us makes funny noises and wiggles her bottom and again wants loving…..
We love our girls and they give us much joy…..  Abby is adorable and slowly gaining confidence.