Prince Charles

Prince Charles – White Teacup Persian Kitten

Meet Prince Charles

Prince Charles is an adorable and very beloved White Teacup Persian kitten who was adopted by Jan and Ron of in 2011. Since that date, we have received many wonderful pictures and stories about how this little man is enjoying life.

Adopted by Jan & Ron
Birthday: 9/13/2011
Born to Haniah and Rory

HI Linda,
This is Charlie playing with some toys. He loves the magnetic toy and the ones that we can dangle in front of him. I will get better pictures as time goes on. Next email is his bed….




Hi Linda,

First….I love the Bonus picture of the week..we love the way you framed his little face. I know everyone will fall in love with him.
We took him to the Vet today and everyone loved him. He was so good and so calm and loved the Vet and Technician that took care of him. They said he is so beautiful, healthy and adorable. He goes back on the 30th for his booster shot! His weight is now 1.36…He is silky and so fluffy! We brought the Fl. paper fromthe hospital with us and the Vet was very pleased that he is so well taken care of.



Hi Linda,

Today, he played, explored and made us laugh at his antics. He is so gentle and sweet….we love it when he runs across the room and almost bounces. This afternoon, I had errands to run and had to get a haircut, so Ron watched him. Charlie fell asleep on his lap and stayed there for 2 hours. Ron said he was so relaxed that he woke him up a couple of times to be sure he was ok! Charlie just looked at him and curled up again. Right now, they are on the floor playing and chases the new toys we found in the bag. Thank you!
Charlie is such a joy and has the most beautiful eyes. I was sitting on the couch last night and wondered where he was…he was sitting curled up at my feet and kept looking up at me. Each day we will bring him into a new room, so he can learn where he is.
I will send some more pictures on other emails….He is doing great and is getting used to us. We think he is going to be just like Rory. He even seemed to grow today! Do I have to tell you how much we love him? Thank you!!!!! We are so grateful that we found you…our Charlie is such a special kitten.
Jan….Ron say hello too!







Hi Linda,

Thank you for your help. I know how much you love your kittens. I have never felt like this about an animal before. Ron is just crazy about him. He is out in the Family Room watching him sleep. I never saw Ron act like this about an animal. He is an animal lover and yet, this little kitten has just stolen his heart.
We are grateful that you are there to guide us in caring for Charlie properly. Thank you again!


Hi Linda,

Hope you are enjoying your Christmas week.
He is very playful and very funny. Each day brings a new smile to our faces because of him. We love him and he loves us. He follows us everywhere and is exploring the house.
He loves being with us and my favorite time of all is when I get up and lay down on the couch. Charlie crawls up on my chest..and strokes my cheek, then will take a short nap and purr. I love to hear him purr….
Hope you and Tim are enjoying your Birthday celebrations and Christmas! He is growing into the most beautiful cat. We are so happy to have him. pictures are coming……
Merry Christmas!


Hi Linda,

Just wanted you to know how well Charlie is doing. He is right here in front of my keyboard watching the screen as I type. I have to download some new pictures. I have been very sick this week with another cold. Charlie senses that and curls up beside me when I am lying down. He rests his head and paws on my hand and stays there with me. I just love him…he is so sweet. I can’t even describe how adorable he is. He goes to both of us and is with us everywhere we go in the house. I have never had a cat like this before. He is probably sick of all the hugs and kisses he gets.
I wish you could see how cute he is…sound asleep on my desk waiting for me to move. As soon as I get up to leave, he is alert and ahead of me, runn
ing into the kitchen. He loves to play with us and his toys. I know he is over 4 pounds now. His coat is tipped with silver and I brush him everyday. He loves it.
He is gorgeous! He sits patiently and lets me groom him. I give him treats after and finally, he eats them and does not play with them. He lets me clip his nails when he is half asleep. The assistant at Southpaw went to clip his nails and told me they were perfect…so I am happy. He does not have to go back until March, when he will get neutered. Dr. B says he will be fine and will recover quickly. He is an active, happy, playful cat and we love him more than we could have imagined!
Hope you are well. The picture of the week this time was adorable…as they all are. It is the bright spot in my week to see these beautiful kittens.

Charlie when I am on the computer….





Hi Linda,
I wanted to tell you how much I love the picture of the week. I think it will be my favorite! What a precious picture. I just love it!
Charlie is a happy cat. He is growing everyday and is going to be a gorgeous cat. He has the exact body shape of Rory. He is playful, loveable and funny! He loves to play games with us and follows us everywhere. I don’t know what life was like before Charlie. He will come and sit in front of either Ron or me and waits to be picked up and then just loves to be cuddled for a few minutes. Then…he is off and running and having a ball! He is getting used to the house. We still keep some doors shut until we ‘Charlie’ proof them. He sleeps on the desk when I am on the computer, or loves to sit by Ron’s keyboard and look out the window.
I have to go out in a few minutes, but will send some pictures later. Hope you have a great day!





Hi Linda,
Here are a few pictures for now . The first one is Charlie under the stool…peeking at me. He loves to play on it!
#2 is Charlie on the kitchen chair….”Hmmmm, I wonder if Mom sees me!” I let him sit there…he does no harm and life is too short to worry about a pillow. He is a good kitten….just likes the comfort!
#3 He hopped up on the couch….”I just can’t keep my eyes open!” He is so funny! He wears himself out and falls asleep sitting up!
He is irresistible! He loves to be loved!
I will send more pictures later…have to get some cleaning done around here!



Hi Linda,
Here are some pictures of Charlie…I don’t think I sent you these yet!
The first one is Charlie on his tree just resting. It’s hard to believe that he is almost five months. The second one is where Charlie curls up on the desk while I am on the computer. The last one is with Ron. He loves to sleep in front of the screen when Ron is working. He moved the keyboard because Charlie loves to lay on it. He loves it when Ron pets him and stays there for a long time.
He loves to be rambunctious and play. He is with us all the time and we love it. He is so much fun! This morning, he wanted me to get up. So, he leaped up on the bed….hopped around like a bunny..all over me and then leaped off the bed. Guess he wanted me to join him and Ron, very early! It just makes me laugh…he is so smart!
Last night, I received a very sad email about a close friend of mine from Continental. It made me cry because she may not make it thru today. She found out she has Ovarian Cancer only 3 wks ago. Charlie moved close to me and put both his paws on my left hand as I was holding the mouse and looked up at me. He knew I was sad and no one can convince me that he didn’t do that on purpose to comfort me.
He is such a special little cat. Everything he does is cute or funny! He brings much laughter and love into our lives. He can be sound asleep beside me and Ron can move in the other room and his head pops up til he sees him. It’s amazing, because I don’t even hear Ron. He does the same thing when Ron comes home from an errand…He hears him immediately…long before I do.
I have to try and get some pictures of him walking so you can see how beautiful his coat is. He will sit on my lap every morning and let me comb him. He doesn’t even try to get away. He loves it. He is so gentle. Yet, he gets into those silly moods where he comes at us like a Lion. Or, when he jumps all over me to get me up or runs at his with his crab walk! Too funny!
Every day we are amazed at what a fantastic cat we have and such a love bug too!
Will try to get some better pictures of him for you.



Hi Linda,
The picture of the week is adorable. Charlie also loves to get into boxes, corners, anywhere that he fits. He makes us laugh constantly! For some reason, he loves to get up on the coffee table between a large cardboard book and a box I keep my DVD’s in. Will have to get a picture.
I have to download some pictures and send them. I only wish they were as cute as yours. It has been a busy week, so I will work on them Monday.
Charlie is doing great. He is such a love bug! He never leaves either of us. We can’t tell you how much we love him and how much happiness he as brought into our lives. Ron is crazy about him. I am so happy that Charlie loves Ron too. Today, we had a yardsale and Charlie sat on the window ledge in Ron’s office and watched all that was going on outside.
He is so sweet, always cuddling up to me when I read. Sometimes Ron and I are just amazed that we have this special cat. I have never in my life had a pet that was this loveable. He gets more beautiful every day. His coat is so pretty!
I will get some more pictures out to you as soon as I can. You have no idea how happy we are that we found you so we could get Charlie. God sent us this kitten thru you! I have to mention that his eyes are gorgeous and my friends notice that. They are a beautiful green. He is very expressive too…we can tell if he is happy, sad, mad or just put out with us. If he is sleeping and we make any loud noises…you should see the look we get.
Will be in touch….Charlie says, “Meow, I love you” to his Mommy Linda. He’s blowing you a kiss!


Hi Linda,

Charlie sleeps in that little space when I am on the computer. It’s just to the left of me. The past couple of days, he slept behind the monitor. He is so precious. Won’t leave us, follows us everywhere. Last night we went to dinner with friends…when we got home, we got greeted with ‘Meows’ and lots of bunting and love.
I have to say that Charlie is one smart cat! We pulled up the blinds in the office so he could sit on the ledge…that led to my office and Joe’s bedroom, (what was once Joe’ room). He sits in front of the window and mews very loudly til we pull the blinds up. He loves sitting there for hours or sleeping in the sun.
Tonight, I will download some photos I took and send them. This morning, I brushed him, clipped his nails, cleaned his eyes and he just sat there, purring….he is so good. He loves to be groomed.



Hi Linda,
Tomorrow, Charlie goes in to Southpaw to be neutered. I know it’s time! He will be in excellent hands with Dr Bruce. We will drop him off at 7:30. I will call you when we get him home to let you know he is okay.
I attached a couple of pictures of Charlie….the first one, he is asleep on my wrist as I work on the computer. He grabs my wrist, but then falls asleep holding it. He is always patting us or touching us. The other is what he does when he hears Ron come in. Ron had just walked into the kitchen when Charlie stood up like a little bear. He can look like he is fast asleep, but will stand up or put his head up when one of us comes from another room.


He’s a great ‘Watch dog”! We just love his little face! He has so many different expressions. I have never seen a cat like that…he is special.
I am not sure when we can pick Charlie up to take him home tomorrow, but will be sure to get in touch.


Hi Linda,

Charlie is growing so fast! I bet he is about 6 pounds now. He is the most adorable and loveable cat in the world. He stays with us all the time. He shares his time with us if we are on our computers at the same time….staying with Ron for a while and then coming over to my side of the desk and staying with me….he goes back and forth. He loves to sit on the window sill and look out.
Charlie has the most beautiful face. His expressions are so different for every mood he has. I have never seen a cat that has such expressions where you can tell if he is happy, sad, put out, loving, cute, etc. We laugh about it because he is so open. I love it when he walks into a room and meows at us as if he is saying…’Hello…I’m here’!
He loves to cuddle with me at night on the couch when I read or watch TV. Every time I leave the room, he follows me. He is so funny…he has taken to sleeping in the little cubby section of the night stand on my side of the bed. It’s a place to put books, etc, but we had to take everything out for Charlie. He loves it in there. All you can see are his huge eyes looking out at us. He will sleep on the foot of our bed for a while and then head to his little cubby. I have to get a picture of it for you. So much for all the cat beds!
He now has the run of the house and has his favorite places to sit…or curl up in. He is just the center of our lives and we love him so much.
I have some pictures on my camera that I will try to download today. Will try to get it done today so you can see our almost grownup Charlie. Everything he does is adorable.

I hope you have a very ‘Happy Easter’! It is a beautiful time of the year reminding us all of what Jesus gave up for us. Ron and I are blessed and thank God for that everyday! People can laugh at me, but Charlie is truly an Angel cat. He has brought much love and joy into this home. He was meant to be with us. Ron and I both agree on that.
I hope you enjoyed the little album of Charlie. It is just a few of my favorite pictures of him. The ornament is a little late, but hope you can use it next hear. The front pulls off and you can put any picture you want in it. It’s a magnet.
Have a wonderful Easter….hope we can get together in the future.


Hi Linda,

Just a short note to send you a couple of pictures. I love the one of Ron hugging Charle…and he thinks he wanted a dog!

The other is Charlie on top of his new “Kitty Mansion”! He loves to be up high and watch all that is going on!

Ron and I are so in awe of how smart Charlie is. We decided to get him a larger litter box and to move it into the Laundry Room. It is a better place for him because if we have company, the bathroom would not be a good place for Charlie. We did not want to face having the bathroom door shut. We were not sure if he would take to it, so planned on keeping the old litter box and moving it a foot a day. Well….Prince Charles figured it out while we were filling it…he sat there and watched us, got in his new box and has used it ever since. He never ceases to amaze us. He is sooooooo smart!

Charlie has decided that his favorite place to sleep is on the kitchen counter by the dish drainer, over the dishwasher….don’t ask me why, but that;s where we find him all the time! I am sure he will find another place eventually. He loves to go in the guest room and curl up under the bureau. I have to get some pictures for you. But, as the day goes on, he jumps up on my lap and makes me move so he can curl up beside me on the couch. I am on my way into the family room now. He will come and meow until I move.

We just love Charlie…he is so sweet and so beautiful. We are so lucky to have such a fantastic, smart and loveable cat! . Will get more pictures of him for you so you can see how happy he is. He is Daddy’s boy! Wish you could see how they are together. I love to hear Ron talking to him when he doesn’t know I am listening. But, I swear that Charlie knows what he is saying. Charlie calls…have to go and pet him…he is King of the house!



Hi Linda,

I just finished washing and drying the waste paper basket….Charlie hopped in as soon as I dried it. He loves to be in small places.

I love the one of Ron hugging him. He can’t go by Charlie without a hug. Charlie follows him everywhere. Today, he sat in the window and watched Ron cut the hedges…he followed him back and forth meowing all the’s almost like he was asking why he couldn’t be outside with Ron. Those two are best buddies. You can see my grooming kit on the table….had not done his eyes yet. He is so good about it….he does not like it, but will sit and let me do his eyes and groom him. He is gorgeous and once he is groomed, loves to strut around….Ron and I really have to laugh at him….we don’t know what life was like before our little, Prince Charles.

The last picture of the week was adorable. What a cute face on the kitten in the pocketbook. I also love the one called, ‘Timeout’! It’s so cute!

Ron says that Charlie is like Rory. A friend came over the other day and Charlie went right up to him and greeted him.

Hope all is well with you. Charlie sends his love!!!



Hi Linda,

Here’s a cute picture of Charlie…I was on the phone and he was meowing and acting cute so I would get off the phone and pay attention to him.

The other is a new tree that Ron bought for him. I think the tree is a little large, but Charlie loves it and plays on it all the time. He takes naps and also watches everything we do. I think Ron spoils Charlie!

Charlie is doing great…he’s such a wonderful pet. He is always with us and follows us from room to room!

Will send more pictures soon.

Hi Linda,

It was great talking to you yesterday! Here’s a couple of pictures of Charlie. He still loves to sleep in the bowl…he is really too big, but he gets in there somehow and looks at me as if to say….just let me take a little nap! The other one he is sitting up proud and is waiting for a treat! He looks very regal…these pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago!




Hi Linda,

Life has been hectic around here, but I wanted to say Hi and to let you know that Charlie is doing great!

Here is a picture of him on his favorite place to sleep during the day! It’s hard to believe that he loves this hard counter top and not a soft, fluffy bed! (Ignore the mess on the counter…it was cleaning time!)

We just gave two more beds away…he refuses to sleep in them. But, he is King of the Castle and can sleep anywhere he wants to. Guess I won’t buy anymore beds!

He is still amusing us every day! He makes us laugh with his antics. As I said before…we don’t know what life was like before this little guy came into our lives. He is beautiful and such a good pet!

Hope all is well with you. Sorry it has been a while since I have written, but there has been a lot going on.

Will be in touch soon again!



PS…Doesn’t he have the most beautiful face! He is gorgeous!

Hi Linda,

I can’t believe that Charlie is a year old today. Where has the time gone? It has been a year of smiles and laughter with Charlie. He has grown into a beautiful little boy!

I have to download a picture I took of him today and will email it to you. It has been a busy day here. I will be sure to get it to you later today.I just wanted to thank you again for such a precious cat. He is the perfect pet and loves us both. We just love him and don’t know what life was like before him. Each day he gets cuter and more loveable.

We are so lucky we found you….thank you for this beautiful little boy and for always being there when we had questions.




Hi Linda,
Charlie is just adorable and is so cute. He keeps us busy and laughing every day. I have to download some pictures. I couldn’t for the past few weeks because of my computer troubles.
I don’t know if I told you that Charlie had his check up and is a very happy, healthy cat. I will try to get the pictures downloaded and send you some soon.
I will be sending you an email card from Jacquie Lawson in a few minutes.
Charlie sends you a hug….I wish you could see how cute he is.
Merry Christmas to you and your family! Will be in touch soon!

Hi Linda,
Just looked at Charlie’s page. Wow! He is special. We love the page. You do such great work! It’s a lot of fun to look at the page…as it brings back so many memories. Thank you for such an honor.
Later today, I will upload some more pictures.
Charlie is doing fantastic. He does something cute every day and never ceases to amaze us. He talks to us every day to let us know what he wants. He has a different ‘Meow’ for different things, but we know exactly what he wants!
I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful page on Charlie. He is our baby and we don’t know what life was like before him. He is a special cat raised by a special breeder…we both believe that you are blessed to have such beautiful cats. I have never in my life had a cat that I loved so much. He is an angel cat! He is Ron’s buddy and I get such joy out of watching the two of them together. You would have to see it to believe it!
I hope you are enjoying your new home and getting settled. We are so happy for you and your husband and all your little family of cats. We know it is a very happy home!
Will get back to you. Have a great day!


Hi Linda,
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Charlie is doing great! He is his loveable, funny self. He is following us around and conning us out of treats with his little innocent, “meows’, knowing we can’t resist him.
He is eating fine and loves his new treats with the hair ball control in them. He only gets one a day, no matter how hard he tries to trick us into giving him more! He is also back to drinking lots of water, which makes me very happy.

He wants lots of loving and lately, will sit in my lap for at least 1/2 hour. I melt when he looks up at me with those adoring green eyes.
I took pictures of Charlie in a small box on my office couch. He goes in there everyday and sleeps lately. I have been working on the room…as you can see from all the stuff on the floor and he keeps me company. So much for all the cat beds we gave away! He is just so cute!
Will keep in touch. Thanks again for all the help and advice you give me!


Hi Linda,
I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I hope you are settled in your new home.  I know you had a lot of work to do, but well worth it. Everyone stops to look at him in his carrier and they all comment on his beautiful eyes.  Some come back for a second look. Most say they have never seen such a pretty cat!
Charlie is such a good boy.  He never ceases to amuse us with his antics and playfulness.
Will be in touch soon.


Hi Linda,
Just looked at Charlie’s page.  Wow!  He is special.  We love the page.  You do such great work!  It’s a lot of fun to look at the page…as it brings back so many memories.  Thank you for such an honor.
Charlie is doing fantastic.  He does something cute every day and never ceases to amaze us.  He talks to us every day to let us know what he wants.  He has a different ‘Meow’ for different things, but we know exactly what he wants!  I have to get ready to pick up my friends, but just wanted to thank you for the beautiful page on Charlie.  He is our baby and we don’t know what life was like before him.  He is a special cat raised by a special breeder…we both believe that you are blessed to have such beautiful cats.  I have never in my life had a cat that I loved so much.  He is an angel cat!   He is Ron’s buddy and I get such joy out of watching the two of them together.  You would have to see it to believe it!
I hope you are enjoying your new home and getting settled.  We are so happy for you and your husband and all your little family of cats.  We know it is a very happy home!
Will get back to you. Have a great day!




I wanted to let you know that we took Charlie to the Vet last week and he is in purrrfect health. He grows more beautiful every day. Ron and I are so in love with this little boy. No matter what happens, he brings us so much pleasure. He knows when we are sick and stays by our side. He is so silly sometimes, that we laugh and wonder how he manages to be so cute! No matter what room we are in, he is there. I wish you could see him trotting beside his buddy, Ron, when he leaves the room. It is so cute! I have to say he is the most intelligent cat I have ever known

Charlie will meow at us in the morning, until we pull the blind up in the office so he can see his birds. The dove still comes by and now some little Cardinals will appear on the ledge to stare at him. It is so cute to see the interaction between Charlie and his little bird friends.

People look at me like I am crazy when I tell them that Charlie will settle himself on the back of the couch while I play the piano. It’s true! He seems to enjoy the music. He does not leave until I am finished playing

He is such a beautiful cat! If a workman comes to the house to fix something, they take his picture. Charlie follows them around just to see what they are doing. He does the same with us. He has to check everything out. Everyone mentions his beautiful eyes. They always say they have never seen such a beautiful cat.

I could go on and on about Charlie. I don’t know what life was like before him.

I hope all is going well with your new home. I think of you often and love to go to your page on Facebook. The kittens are precious.