Noelle – Shaded Silver Teacup Persian Kitten

Noelle is a gorgeous Shaded Silver Teacup Persian kitten who was born here at Cats Creation on 12/22/12. She now lives with Chuck and Dede in city, state, where she is a very pampered and adored family companion.

Here are some updates and photos we have received from them since Noelle joined their family:

Dear Linda and Tim,

Can not believe it has taken me so long to jot a note out to you. We are loving our little Noelle and I can not tell you how well she has adjusted to all of us. As of yet we have not introduced her to our little granddog, Oliver, a Shitzu….but our vet is giving us some suggestions on how to go about doing that soon. She is allowing the grandsons to hold and love her which is huge for them.

She has turned eyes all over Tallahassee and is virtually running the house here. You would have thought she had been born here with the comfort she has shown. This of course is a testimony to the family that was with her up until we came along.

Our vet has actually placed her on their website and has gotten 250 hits apparently.

We have over 100 photos of her but Chuck insisted I limit the number we are sending due to the space they take up.

Lets keep in touch!

Chuck and Dede


Peekaboo – I see you!


Oh my… What a gorgeous girl!


Such a laid back and affectionate kitten!


Shaded Silver Teacup Persian kittens are the purrfect home accessory!


Could I be more adorable??


Purrfectly pretty pose!

Hi Tim and Linda,

What an honor to see our little Noelle profiled so well.  She is doing well and will be getting her rabies vaccine next week. Dr. Melanie Donofro who has operated the Los Robles Vet Hospital for many years seems to be enamored with her.
We are in process of deciding whether health insurance should be something we consider for Noelle. So must make that decision soon….we already are on a “Kitty Plan” that carries us through these first 6 months.
She continues to love her Life’s Abundance food which we did order and remains a bundle of energy all day long. Loves her brushing and doesn’t resist her face cleaning every morning.
Hope all is well with your family. Grandkids don’t come to see us anymore….they come to see, pick up, love and enjoy….Noelle.