Mattie – Chinchilla Silver Teacup Persian Kitten in Boston, MA

Adopted by Cherie of Boston
Birthday: 8/13/2011
Born to Gaby and Rory

Hi Linda, I would like to join your free photo of the week club. Mattie is doing just fine. He has grown and is so lovable. I will try to take some photos this weekend. He has learned how to get up on the TV stand and was chasing the dancers on the TV set (Dancing with the Stars). It is hard to believe that tomorrow marks 3 weeks that we have been together. We are having lots of fun.

Best, Cherie


Hi Linda,I hope all is well with you.Mattie went for his vaccinations yesterday. The vet also gave him a rabies vaccine. It is a law in Massachusetts. The vet weighed him. He is 2.15 pounds. He has grown a lot since a few weeks ago. Everyone made a fuss over him at the vet. Mattie was a trooper. He was tired when we got home.


I attached some photos of Mattie playing. I love him so much! He brings me so much joy. He is sleeping right now on the sofa.I look forward to my photos from you. They always make me smile. Cherie


Hi Linda, I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that I have Mattie in my life. He brings me so much joy. I tied a ribbon on him for photos but he didn’t stay still. He was all over the place so it came off very quickly. I attached some of the photos. I think he looks more like Rory everyday.

Best, Cherie


Dear Linda, I hope this note finds you well. I LOVE the photos that I receive from you every week. Last week’s photo of mama with the baby kitten was so beautiful. I attached some photos of Mattie. He is getting big. He is so precious and brings me so much joy. Take care, Cherie


Hi Linda,

I want to thank you for sending the cute photos every week. I always look forward to receiving your e-mails.

It is hard to believe my little Mattie turned one year old yesterday. He received lots of new toys for his birthday. He loves hitting the little spiral wires all around our place.

I attached some photos taken recently so you can see how big and beautiful he is now. He is beautiful inside and out. He brings me so much joy. He really is such a good cat and I love him so much!










Hi Linda,

Happy Holidays! I attached two photos of my darling Mattie.

Hope you have a blessed holiday season.




Hi Linda,
Happy New Year!
I wanted to send you a photo of Mattie taken at Christmastime. As you can see, he had a visit with Santa. I always look forward to your weekly photos which always make me smile.