Jaxson, adopted by Kellie

Born to Anna and Rory and residing in Katy, TX

Shaded Silver male 5/21/12


Jaxson Chillaxson!

Hi Linda,

That is Jaxson!   He is a little over a year old now and I love love love him.  I am so happy you talked me into a boy because you are right.  He is so lovable, friendly, and quite frankly follows me everywhere!  My 15 year old does tolerate him but he rules the nest now with all his energy.  Thanks for a super loving boy to my family!

Warm regards,



HI Linda,

Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE THIS BABY!!!! You were so right boys are better. Jaxson is so sweet, lovable, and loves being held and kissed…and adores attention.