Isabella – Blue Eyed White Teacup Persian Kitten

Birthday: 10/19/2011
Born to Lucy and Rory

Adopted by Jennifer in Palm Bay, FL

Linda, She’s gorgeous. And what a good girl. She fussed for maybe ten minutes in the car and then cleaned herself and slept the hour drive home. And used her litter box immediately too when we got home.


The boys have been playing with her since 1:30 and now she’s wanting me to play with her. She is full of energy. Im going to introduce her to Sammy tomorrow and I’ll get some pictures. She’s doing great. Doesn’t seem like she has any fear or anxiety at all. She doesn’t like being left alone though I’ve noticed if we leave her for a few minutes.


Just letting you know she’s doing great so far. Jen



Tomorrow the big day, I’ll be letting her roam downstairs with Sammy and that will keep her busy. Sam knows she’s here, he came up and was scratching to get into the bedroom to see her but got bored when I wouldn’t let him in and he left.

Sammy’s not too crazy about her yet, wont play with her but he’s getting better with her. She’s just dying to get him to play with her. Once he gets use to her, I can get some pics of the two of them together. I have attached one, I work in the loft outside the master bedroom and she stays pretty close to where I am and fell asleep on the bed watching me work. If I cant find her, I yell “where’s Issy??” and she comes running.

When I can get some better pictures of her, I’ll send them along. Jen

Jake & Isabelle when Jake got home from school. She finally just fell asleep. Such a sweet girl

Hello Linda. Wanted to update you on Isabelle. She’s getting big and quite active. I have attached 2 pictures of her with big brother Sammy. He’s finally starting to play with her. For the first few weeks he wouldn’t. I think because he’s been the only cat for almost 7 years, he wasn’t sure what she wanted. He wrestles with her now but as big as he is, he’s gentle with her. She takes advantage and sneaks up from behind and tackles him. She’s been trying to snuggle with him to sleep and he’s not having it. So she’ll jump on him when he’s in his box and bite his neck.

Just tears up the house playing. She has her own toy box but the toys never seem to stay in there, she has them all over the place. Still working on her manners. Larry likes to eat on the coach and she has a habit of trying to get to his food but she’s learning it’s not hers and she cant have table scraps or our food. The boys have been really good with her. I also attached a picture of my oldest Josh with her. He lays her on her back and she goes right out.

Not afraid of anything, thunder, the sweeper and when Im on my treadmill, she’s standing either behind it or next to it trying to figure it out. She’s very bright. She’s been such a joy and she’s so beautiful. She’s just been a great addition to our family. Jen