Isabella (Dino & Lisa)

Isabella (Dino & Lisa) – Doll Face White Chinchilla Teacup Persian Kitten

Born to Rory and Elanor on 5/26/12
Adopted by Dino and Lisa in Apopka, Florida


Hello Linda,

Thank you again for the most sweetest, cutest, lovable, most beautiful
kitty. Bella is doing well. She is getting used to her new home. She is
getting along with my other cat.


We just took her to the vet. She is perfect!

She is at work with me today. Attached is a picture of her on my desk. She
is making herself right at home. I promise to send photos.

Thanks so much,



Thought you would like to see what Bella is doing today at work……


Hello Linda, just wanted to give you an update on the baby. She came into the house without any problems or anxiety. She has pretty much taken over the house. Should have named her Monkey, she’s climbs all over everything. Her second day here, I literally pulled her off the top of a lampshade.


She’s such a good girl. Wakes me up every morning at 6 am to play. And can entertain herself all day. And you were right about the bed, she sleeps where she falls. I have found her in the strangest places sleeping. Seems to like the dining room chairs the best.


I think I got the best kitten in the litter. She loves attention & love, purrs as soon as you pick her up. So playful and she’s funny to watch too. Didn’t care for her bath but loves the brush.