Guschi & Bella

Guschi & Bella

Guschi & Bella

Adopted by Lauren, Born to Gabriella and Rory on 2/12/2012


Girls are so good! Bella is my kitty and she sits on my lap and is always near me. Gushi-mother in law cat went home Saturday and she is settling well. Kitty’s are eating and drinking and playing. we are so in love with these cats. You are a genius with raising kittens-they are so cute and smart!!


Linda-rest assured kittens are so loved and cared for
My sincere gratitude -I would always buy cats from you! I try to take pictures but they are always moving-how you have them pose is amazing!!
Kindest Regards


Hi Linda I thank you for the lovely kitten.You did such a great Job.

She is such a Joy in my Life.I call her Guschi after my Grandmother who was special in my Life.


Guschi on my Kitchen table
Guschi and Princess looking for Birds. Guschi has beautiful Fur.She Looks much bigger then She is. my Princess is 14 years old.


Dear Linda a happy Easter from Guschi. She is doing well.
Hello Linda, here is Guschi almost 1 year old. It was a wonderful year. She is such good Company. How come She looks so different then her sister Bella that Lauren has? They are both beautiful. Have a good Week. Antje.


A Merry Christmas from Guschi


Hi Linda a Little update on Guschi. She is doing fantastic so much Fun.Does,nt She Look beutiful.I Love looking at you and your daughters Website.It is good for the Soul to See the Kittens. have a good Day. Antje.


A happy Thanksgiving from Guschi!


I want to tell you that my Bella and Antje’s Gushi are doing so well. They active and love to play but also love to be held! Bella sleeps with me every night! I love her so and cannot wait to see her after work.

Gushi Persian Cat of CatsCreation



Thank you.

Bella is the love of my life as Gushi is Antje’s! I do follow you on Facebook! I will send new pictures to you

Happy New Year

Kindest Regards






Hello Linda Today is guschis Second Birthday.thank you she makes me happy.Antje.


Greetings from dumont .still Snow on the Ground.Guschi watching birds.Antje.


Gushi Persian Cat of CatsCreation

Hi Linda here is a Picture of Guschi.she is doing well..Antje.

Gushi Persian Cat of CatsCreation

Merry Christmas .Guschi is doing Great.all the Best in the New Jear.   Antje

Gushi Persian Cat

Hi Linda .here is the lates Picture of Guschi.
She is so beautiful. Have a good Summer. Antje.