Diamond – Teacup Chinchilla Silver Persian Kitten

Adopted by Britney
Chinchilla Silver Female
Born to Victoria and Pauly 5/21/12

Living in Pensacola, Florida


Linda she is soo cute I love her she is eating a drink very well:)
We just got from the vet she’s healthy and she got her second thing of shots it didn’t even hurt her:)


Awe she’s beautiful I can’t wait for diamond to look like that but I don’t want her to grow up so fast, I love diamond thank you so much Linda she follows me everywhere and she does the cutest things too!!


Your babies sure do love the sink she looks so cute sitting in it:)

Awe thank you she’s to cute not to pay attention to she’s my world now:)


Thank you Linda you know everything about these wonderful babies

But she did soo cute I had to send it to you made me laugh so hard
Awwe kitty yoga that’s great I’m gonna start calling it tho she does weird cute funny stuff like this all the time:)


Soo adorable instead of fat rolls it’s fur rolls soooooo cute:)


I just have to tell you this because it’s the cutest thing ever diamond has developed a little snore she was laying on my lap after I fed her wet food this morning and she went to sleep and just a little snoring away ahh I love her and the cute little things she does:)



I told you she loves getting in the basket too:)





I have to send you more pictures of her everyone falls in love with her even people that don’t like cats no one not even her vet has seen a cat like her around these parts :) she truly is a blessing to me:)

Just seeing how you are doing and to tell you I think Diamond gets prettier and prettier each day, I for sure love her:)