BandCamp & Luna

BandCamp – Chinchilla Silver Female Teacup Persian Kitten

Adopted by Jeanine in Stoughton, Wisconsin
Birthday: 5/23/2011
Born to Haniah and Rory

Just got back from the vet. Kitten weighs 1.2 pounds. Vet was very impressed with your breeding and records. She’s doing fine. She is so cute and independent! Keeping me hopping! LOL!Oh yes! “Band Camp” has gone into turbo charge! She loves her toys but the whole house is one big toy to her! I found that putting the life abundance into the blender and putting it on chop has really helped. Now mix it up with her wet and she goes to town on it. She is just a doll! What a pleasure to see her face when I get home from work. Thank you again for all your effort and concerns with getting her to me. Will highly recommend you to all my friends etc., What a lucky person you are-to have so many of these delights to enjoy and to share with us!

Hi! Thought you would like this recent picture of bandcamp. As you can see she is doing well. She was sitting in the rocking chair yesterday meowing at me to get out of bed. LOL! She is so a delight!

Oh how cute! Band Camp is our little “star”! When I was researching and trying to a find a breeder, I must say I was impressed looking at your link. The pictures of your past and present kittens were true. You have beautiful cats and your pricing was fair. I have gone to other sites and they have some ridiculous prices. Why produce a great stock of kittens if you make it hard for people to afford the pleasure these kittens offer you with their fine breeding. Thank you for your wonderful service and Thank you for “Cats creation”.


Luna - Female Doll Faced Chinchilla Silver Kitten

Adopted by Brian of Delray Beach, Florida

Born 01/29/2015

Persian Kitten Luna of CatsCreation

Luna is home and settling in. She loves her castle and loves to hide inside.
She hasn’t wanted much to eat yet. I think she is a little scared. Addy is in love! got back from the vet.

Persian Kitten Luna of CatsCreation

Persian Kitten Luna of CatsCreation