Available Teacup Persian Kittens

Welcome to CatsCreation, a Christian Cattery located in Central Florida, we offer Teacup Kittens for Sale. We offer Shaded Silver, White Persian Kittens and Chinchilla Silver teacup kittens. Just like the ones seen on the fancy feast commercial.

We breed the Teacup kittens in the Chinchilla silvers the Shaded Silver and the Golden colors. They are Doll Faced Persian Kittens, known for their beautiful coats, big round eyes, and short Cobby bodies. Their beautiful eyes are outlined with black mascara and eyeliner. Their eyes when they are small are vivid blue but as they mature they will turn either emerald green or teal blue. We expect our females to be around 5 to 6 pounds or males 6 to 8 pounds when they are fully grown. Although these are smaller cats they are perfectly proportioned, not a runt but the smallest of the Persian breed. This is the type of color and breed of cat / kittens used in the fancy feast commercial as well as many movies.


Call 407-709-9541 or email to learn about our available kittens!

Doll Faced Persian Kittens for Easter


If you are interested in one of our sweet babies please email or call 407.709.9541 for details. You may also join our waiting list by clicking here.

Please call, email or text for the details if you are interested in one of our beautiful little baby Teacup Kittens for sale.

We offer shipping, pickup Silky coats are easy to care for and require a lot less grooming.When referencing Doll Faced Persian Kittens, Teacup Kittens, Toy, Miniature, and Pixie are descriptive terms rather than an actual breed of cat or kitten. These terms are used by both breeders and owners alike. Most often this description is used for Silver and Golden Persians as they are the smallest of the Persian breed. Both CatsCreation Chinchilla & Shaded Silvers and Chinchilla & Shaded Goldens weigh 5-7 pounds for females and 6-8 pounds for males, making them quite tiny and petite. Also their short cobby body style and long flowing silky coat ad to the small appearance. Of course, just like humans, weight will be affected by environmental factors such as the type of food they are fed and amount of exercise they get. Although no one can guarantee an exact estimate of the kitten’s eventual size, accuracy is more probable when purchased from an established cattery. At CatsCreation we have been breeding Persians since 1998 and buyers can be confident that their new Persian will be petite, based on both previous kittens from our cattery and prestigious pedigrees.. All CatsCreation babies come with the parents pedigree along with health guarantee and Little Luxury Kit.

Doll Faced is a term describing the short nose on certain kittens. There are 3 different faces on Persian kittens for sale; Peke or Extreme, in which their nose is located right between their eyes, Traditional, which is just like an ordinary house cat, and Doll Faced, in which the nose is short and gives the kitten a cute adorable look.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 407 709 9541 should you have any questions, at CatsCreation we love to talk (brag!) about our tiny little teacup sized babies!

Doll Faced Chinchilla Silver and Shaded Silver Persians

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All of our babies come with an exclusive Little Luxuries take home kit with Photo DVD with Customized Slide Show.

You can reserve in advance by calling Linda at 407.709.9541 or by emailing and placing a non-refundable deposit. When you reserve, you will receive weekly photos of your darlings via email from birth to eight weeks. Your deposit / payment is made in good faith and not refundable. If you place a deposit / payment on a kitten that is your commitment to that animal, and your agreement to these terms. View our Kitten Contract Here

Doll Face Persian Kittens for sale! Free Little Luxuries Kit with every Shaded Silver, Chinchilla, or White Persian Kitten purchased. Kit includes Photo DVD with Customized Slide Show, click to see sample.

*CatsCreation reserves the right to retain any exceptional kittens for our program.

Available Teacup Kittens for Sale

Receive a Luxury Kit with every purchase of our Teacup Persian Kittens For Sale!

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