Zsa Zsa

Zsa Zsa

Chinchilla Silver Female Teacup Persian Kitten

Adopted by Carey in The Woodlands, Texas

Birthday: 9/21/2012
Born to Ella and Rory


Hi Linda!
Just wanted to let you know how little Zsa Zsa is doing. She is such a little
doll and we are really enjoying her. Not only is she beautiful but she is
friendly, affectionate, intelligent, gentle and very playful. She follows me around and when I am sitting she jumps in my lap. She is such a lovely addition to our family. Thank you for creating such delightful little bundles of joy.

Warm regards. . . Carey

Zsa Zsa Chinchilla Silver Persian Kitten

Who are the roses and who is the kitty?

Zsa Zsa Chinchilla Silver Persian Kitten

Her Royal Highness wearing her first Christmas gift from her godmother. Happy New Year, Linda. It’s hard to put into words how much I am enjoying our baby girl. She is truly the most wonderful gift I have ever gotten!

Zsa Zsa Chinchilla Silver Persian Kitten
Happy Memorial Day!

Zsa Zsa Chinchilla Silver Persian Kitten

Our sweet girl is growing! She makes us all so happy.  She is a wonderful gift to our lives.  Thank you Linda for helping God create such lovely little darlings to enhance our lives.

Zsa Zsa Persian Cat for Sale

Hi Linda.  How are you?  I am doing great!  Kindest regards. . .love Zsa Zsa