Birthday: 9/2/2011
Born to Adeline and Rory

Adopted by Joey and Kari Anne

Hi Linda,

Just wanted you to know, that everything went well yesterday. He fell asleap on my chest for the ride home (such a lover). At our house he favored the kids room, so that’s where we hang out now until he get more comfortable (kids are not here yet, they come later today). He used the litterbox once and last night I slept in the room with him and he came and snuggled with me and purred like crazy! Sooo sweet. In the middle of the night he also began to eat and drink (and play..lol) his food so that’s a great sign.

Thank you again for meeting us and for doing such a great job with your kittens:-)

We are completely in love with him already:-)

All the best,
Kari Anne


Hi Linda!

Just sending yo a few pictures of Taz:-)) He loves to play with the kids!

silver persian

Hi Linda!

Just wanted to send you a picture of Taz!

We are sooo happy with him. He has the most adorable personality and he is getting lots of love!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!
Joey & Kari Anne

persian kitten with little boys

Hi Linda,

First, Taz is doing very well and we are so in love with him, I will attach a photo for you to see:-))

Hope all is well:-)))

persian with toy