Our Female Teacup Persians

Our Beautiful Female Teacup Persian Cats are Raised With Love and Care!

At CatsCreation, our Doll Faced Teacup Cats are treated as royalty. We never cage, offering them a loving, calm and peaceful environment to live in, often full of children and grandchildren alike ready to adore and spoil them! They are not just cats but beloved members of our family. My husband biggest joke is that the cats tricked us… they just let US live here and take care of them!

All of the Teacup Persian cats in our breeding program, moms and dads alike, receive only the best quality care. They are always up to date on all of their vaccinations and routine health care. All of our cats receive the finest quality food and vitamins produced in the pet industry. Our Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food is made with only the finest select ingredients… no corn, no wheat, no artificial flavors or colors. Our vitamins are scientifically formulated with the proper amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In addition, our cats are offered only purified water… not bottled, well, spring or tap waters.

Our daily routine and CatsCreation includes grooming for all.  Our choice of instrument is a stainless steel comb. By using this type of comb you are assured of getting down through all of the furr to greatly reduce painful matts and tangling. A regiment of daily combing will also help to reduce hairballs by removing excess loose fur. We also clean their eyes daily. We use Anna’s Natural Pet Products. These products are breeder developed and veterinary approved. Daily care assures that the beauty of  our cats always shines through.


DeDe is very often mistaken for white, she is white but has very slight tipping on the ends of her fur. She is a sweet tiny baby girl! Big teal green eyes and beautiful face and a short cobby body! She loves to be groomed and get her treat for a reward afterwards. She is a lap baby and will produce beautiful little kittys. Continue reading


Sadie is sweet tiny little lady with large bright emerald green eyes with thick black eyeliner. Short and coby a small presence with a big personality. A beautiful white lush chinchilla silky coat. If you are sitting down she jumps on your lap for a good ear rub. She will stay as long as you can rub her little ears. Loves to be groomed and rewarded with her daily treats. Continue reading


Prisca is a very white Chinchilla Silver Persian, She is primary white with little silver tippings. She has beautiful big Emerald green eyes. Prisca is a upside down lap baby. Crawls onto my lap and turns over for a good tummy rub. She will fall a sleep in this cherished position! A very smart cleaver girl, she not short on personality. Continue reading
Kitty Quote of the Day
"Meow is like aloha - it can mean anything." - Hank Ketchum