Cute Persian Kitten Photos

Candid Moments Captured on Camera of our Baby Doll Faced Persian Kittens, Tiny Kitten Breeder, Teacup Cats

CatsCreation’s Doll Faced Persians pictured below. You can see Shaded and Chinchilla Silver Persian Kittens, playing, sleeping, and nursing.

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Upside down Persian in the sun

What? Isn’t it break time?

Two persians playing

I have seniority!

Tiny silver persian kitten

Do my cheeks look big from this angle?

Two baby persians snuggle in the sun

It’s always better with a friend.

Green eyed persian wearing a tiara

I was made for this!

Persian Kitten sleeps in a file boy

You didn’t need to file, did you?

Four tiny persians in a basket

Me first.. no me first!

Five silver persians playing on a cat tree

What is the weight limit on this toy?

Four tiny persian kittens cuddle on a toy

Play or snuggle… this is the question!

Chinchilla Persian Peeking from behind door



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Receive a Little Luxury Kit with every Persian Kitten Sale!
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Baby doll faced Persian Kittens!

Receive a Little Luxury Kit with every Sale!

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"Meow is like aloha - it can mean anything." - Hank Ketchum